How to Create Custom Branded Short URLs on Your Own Domain with Bitly

When it comes to Social Media, e-mails and Offline Publication of links, URL shorteners play a very vital role. The URL looks clean, you can also track the clicks on the URLs and easy for someone to visit a web page mentioned in a magazine, book or newspaper article. is one of the most accepted URL Shorteners. URLs shorten with it, start with followed by a few characters. But did you know that bitly also allows you to have your own custom domain? You have to register your short domain name and use it with bitly system for free.

Having your own customized short URL helps in branding. I had this short domain from a while  – and, I am using it for URL shortening with bitly. All the links that I share on social media and email will be something like this:

If someone manually types in in the browser Address bar, it can be redirected to a URL of my choice. By default, it redirects to but you can change it in the settings. You are not able to have any content or webpage on this domain. The domain name should be dedicated to URL shortening only.

Whenever I am logged into my bitly account, the URLs I try to shorten would be URLs by default.

How to Setup a Custom Domain in Bitly

Sign up for a free account in

Go to Settings -> Advanced.

In the Custom Short Domain section, select Personal and enter your short domain. You have to change the NameServer records of your domain name to make it work with

Where to Get Nice Short Domains? is a domain name service with special focus on short domains names. You can also try some domain hacks with the top level domain. Not many of us would not be lucky as enough to have a name that has the last 2 or 3 characters which is also a TLD.

If you do not get the domain you want and are ready to pay a premium to get a nice domain name, head to or or They sell plenty of short premium domains.

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