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In this post, you will get to know the methods by which you can increase Organic Traffic on your Website. Mostly people start blogs to earn money, but they didn’t get traffic on their website and shut the Blog down after some time as they lost their confidence.


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Choose Perfect Title

Always Find Unique Title for Your Website or Blog. It must include the Keyword of your Domain Name. You must choose Long Keyword Title, it willRank Higher on Search Engines easily. Title Length will not Exceeds 50 Characters, usually between 30-35 Characters.


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Write High Quality Content

To Rank your Post, The fact is to write the Blog post of more than 1000 words. Higher the Blog post Length, Higher the Post will Rank.To become a Successful Blogger, You must write High Quality Content. The good Content must be easy to understand by reader.

Longer the Length of the Post, Longer the Visitor Stays on your Website. It will give hint ti the Google like the Post contains Something new or Something Valuable and Helps to rank higher. Higher Rank automatically increase Traffic to your Website.


Use Images in Post

Images in Blog post will hwlp you to rank higher on Search Engines. Images Will help the reader to easily understand about the Post related to. Lengthy Blogs without images will not bore your readers.

If you have a Youtube Channel, you can also share your Youtube Video or Embed it into the Blog post.

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Website Must be SEO Friendly

To Rank your Website higher on Search Engine Result Pages, Always remember that your website must be SEO Friendly, Mobile Friendly an Responsive. Now Your website must be AMP ready too. Google only rank those websites higher in Search Results which have all these Qualities or Features. Loading of Your Website or Blog must be fast.


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Do Internal Linking

Internal Post Linking is Linking one post in another posts. Always link your Previous post in the posts you write in future. When on reader or visitor comes to your website or visits on the blog post, Due to Internal Linking, Visitor may visits to the posts thats are inter linked.


Optimise Your Images

Don’t use images on your Blog and websites without optimisation. Optimising of Images will help in SEO.

Images that you are using in your website, Always write the Name, Sorce of the Images, ALT Tag (Use your target Keyword in ALT tag). It will help in Images indexing or When Someone Searches using these keywords or your targeted keywords, Your Post rank or not, But your images may rank and can increase your website traffic.


Submit your Sitemap to Search Engines

Most of the Bloggers make website and Cannot find their website on Google or any other Sesrch Engines, Because they doesn’t index their website on Search Engines.

To Index your website, First make sitemaps of your website

  • XML Sitemap
  • HTML Sitemap
  • Geo Location Sitemap
  • ROR Stemap


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After creating the Sitemap, Submit them to Search Engines through there Webmaster tools. Before Indexing your website, First verify your ownership of your website.


Use Social Media

Whether your blog is Old or New, You’re Getting Traffic not at all or Less traffic, you can use,,,Google Plus,, Pinterest to generate traffic on your Blog and Website.

You can also do Social Media marketing on these Social Media Platforms by Promoting your Content and links and gain more traffic.

When you write a Blog Post, always share it on the Social Media and get the traffic on your Website for free or via paid Promotion.


Use Discussion Websites

Join Dicussion Websites, it is a verygood source for generating traffic on your website. Answers to the Questions related to your niche and give link of your post related to that question.

if someone got your answer helpful, he/she will definetly open the link. It generate traffic and also makes backlinks.


By using these methods you can gain a good traffic on your website and blog and rank higher in Search Engine Result Pages.

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