Email Marketing – The Newsletter is Not Dead!

Old school, spam or ineffective – maybe these are your associations when reading email marketing? We want to dispel these prejudices in this article. Email marketing is not out of date or ineffective, nor does it immediately mean spam. Instead, it is a relatively easy way to win new customers or strengthen existing customer contacts with digital messages. But, unfortunately, the success of this marketing strategy is often underestimated.

We currently have more than 4.3 trillion email accounts; 95% of all Internet users send emails, 91% check their inbox at least once a day; considerable numbers – isn’t it? According to the Direct Marketing Association, 76% of marketers use email a lot more today than they did three years ago. But what exactly is email marketing?

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best-known and most important online marketing channels – even though the imminent death of email has been wrongly predicted several times. However, the facts speak in favour of the medium of email. In 2017 alone, a total of 225.3 billion emails were sent and received – with an upward trend.

For this reason, email marketing is still flourishing and has achieved solid success – but what does this term mean? In this article, you can read what email marketing is, what types there are and how they work. Learn the basics like what makes a good marketing email and how to use them best to send successful email newsletters

Relevance of Email Marketing in iGaming Industry

iGaming is a very profitable industry that has witnessed impressive growth in the past five years. With this sensation growth comes the requirement of the iGaming firms to get connected with the players. Interestingly, email marketing is emerging to be a considerable aspect of these campaigns. 

 Mass email marketing is required for engaging the players and luring them to respond to the call-to-action in the email. It is important to note that the iGaming industry must adhere to efficient strategies to send hundreds and thousands of emails without the emails going into spam or getting blacklisted, and efficiently increasing the inbox rate.

Email marketing is still feasible if appropriately done, where the ROI might range somewhere between 3000 and 4000 per cent. Hence, it is regarded as the most cost-effective marketing campaigns for increasing sales and revenues for the iGaming companies.

Goals of Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing and is primarily used in customer loyalty. The email newsletters can be sent to strengthen customer loyalty, encourage repeated purchases, high traffic referral to their clients and many more like:

  • Product Sales
  • Services
  • Market Research
  • Distribution
  • Cost Reduction
  • Branding 
  • Fundraising

Important Success Factors in Email Marketing

  • Strategic Quality: Have clear goals and the relevant critical figures been defined? Has it been ensured that the success of the campaign can be evaluated in detail? Is email marketing networked with the other marketing channels in the sense of cross-channel marketing?
  • Operational Excellence: Are Common Email Marketing Best Practices Considered? Do you rely on a professional technical infrastructure (email marketing provider )? 
  • Cross-channel Optimisation: Key figures should be collected and used operationally to continuously optimise email campaigns and the upstream and downstream processes.

With this in mind, we will explore about characteristics of a good email for marketing purpose and how to write an excellent email newsletter for online casinos to drive more sales and keep customers up-to-date. 

Email Marketing Benefits

Email marketing for the iGaming industry like sportsbook affiliates and online casinos is already an integral part of the marketing mix. It comes with little surprise while looking at the email marketing benefits compared to direct post because the transfer of information via email is much easier and faster.

Lower Costs: Since most of the production steps are purely digital, you save materials (paper, envelopes) and the time required for handling (printing, enveloping, etc.).

 High Speed: Email marketing is much faster. Firstly, a lot of intermediate steps and production handling work are eliminated like enveloping, printing, And secondly, the emails can be delivered within a few minutes.

Simple Handling: You can send your newsletter by email within a few minutes. The management of the recipients, the creation of the content, the design and sending of the emails – you can do all of this with a standard PC without any specialist knowledge and without ever having to leave your desk.

Interactive: You can only enable the recipient to contact you directly via email marketing: This can link to your website for further information and the option for polling, competition participation, or a contact form.

Expandable: You don’t have to pack all the information together in an email; You can easily refer to more details on your website via links. In this way, the recipient does not get overwhelmed with the email messages. This saves you time when compiling the documents and helps your recipient receive fascinating information for them.

Higher ROI: Email marketing generates higher returns at lower costs; therefore, it is clear that the ROI (return on investment) is usually much better than traditional mailings.

Email Newsletter for Sportsbook Affiliates & amp; Online Casinos

How many times have you sent an email newsletter, but unfortunately, it was never opened and clicked? How to write an excellent email newsletter for sportsbook affiliates that people read is not that easy. People are so busy lately that they have a short attention span. Some of the essential elements of email marketing for the iGaming industry include:

  • Place logo at the top of the email newsletter so that readers can associate with you
  • Use different headings as you would do for the articles and blogs
  • Use dividers to help the readers to understand and digest the content
  • Use enticing images to give a fresh look to the email
  • The email newsletter must be branded with colour, font type and voice tone
  • Insert social media icons at the bottom of the newsletter for readers to share them online
  • Newsletter design should be professional, and images must be linked properly
  • CTAs should be easy to grasp and must have a call to action to achieve goals
  • Place unsubscribe link in the footer to comply with the spam laws
  • Check for grammar and readability using Grammarly or Hemingway App

How to Write an Email Newsletter in 12 Simple Steps

Mentioned below are simple steps that can help you write an enticing email newsletter for sportsbook affiliates and online casinos, which in turn can drive your sales:

Step 1: Define the goals of your email newsletter

Step 2: Use editorial newsletter calendar

Step 3: Each email must be dedicated to only one topic

Step 4: Use catch subject line to grab the attention of readers

Step 5: Keep the subject line under 50 characters with spaces

Step 6: Implement an eye-catching newsletter template

Step 7: Use minimal text like HTML email with basic design

Step 8: Greet your readers by the first name

Step 9: Share valuable content and don’t sell aggressively

Step 10: Best day to send emails are Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Step 11: Ideal time to send emails are 10am, 2pm, 8pm & 6am

Step 12: Don’t send newsletters too rare or too often

5 Mistakes to Avoid while Writing Email Newsletter

What makes a good marketing email? What are some pitfalls that can make your email marketing look unattractive? We have summarised some of them to protect you from possible mistakes:

  1. Email Marketing Goals: At the beginning of every email marketing campaign, set your goals. Would you like to use email marketing as another sales channel and generate direct sales, or do you offer seminars or other services where you would preferably work on long-term customer loyalty?
  1. No Campaign goals Set: Break down your goals into individual campaigns. If your goal is to generate more sales by selling products, create each campaign for products or groups and assign the email. This campaign overview can help you to draw conclusions and make strategic decisions.
  1. You send too many emails: If you send too many mailings per week, your recipients will unsubscribe from your emails, no matter how great their interest was initially. Try to find out an optimal number of emails. Pay attention to the un-subscription and the number of openings.
  1. Your topics are not relevant: Even worse than the frequency of the emails per week is the uninteresting content of an email. So pay attention to what you send! Try to alternate your content. The combination of informative and sales emails could be a way to add variety to your email marketing.
  1. The mobile version is faulty: Mobile is your perfect desktop email compressed onto a small screen. This, of course, leads to the incorrect display of the content of your email. Test your emails several times before sending them and use various tools.

3 Insider Tips for an Even Perfect Email Newsletter

For your email marketing to work even better and how to write a casino sales funnel, there are a few best practices that you can use to move email marketing forward:

  • Personalise Your Address: People particularly like to hear their first name. Use this knowledge in your email marketing to address your readers by name. Most email marketing tools have the function of being able to use the personal approach. In this way, you can improve the open rates of your emails and establish a personal relationship with your recipients.
  • Changing Email Design: Corporate identity is without a doubt essential and should always be adhered to. However, in some cases, the principle that “less is more” works a lot better than a designer email with pictures and An iflot of text. For example, if you want your recipients to carry out precisely one action (e.g., evaluating the product), the recipients should not be distracted by images and product placements.
  • Try Again: The fact that an email goes down is nothing new in today’s marketing world. However, if you have sent vital information to your recipient and it has not been read, you should send the email again. The so-called “follow-up emails” can help you to start another attempt.


To achieve success with email marketing for the iGaming industry, there is no gambling here. You have to analyse every single aspect with a high level of focus and efficiency. An efficient email marketing strategy can undoubtedly tap the growth of the sportsbook affiliates and online casinos. With an eye-catching subject line, proper email timing, a good list of email recipients, measures to minimise spamming and sound campaign goals, the players will be acquired and retained for a very long period.


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