How to Extract Text from Image using an Android Phone

The image to text is one of those apps that can enhance your productivity. Instead of writing thousands of words by manually looking up a paper, image to text app can do the same within seconds.

The technology advancement has enabled the users to use their smartphone’s camera to capture the document and convert the printed text into an editable form.

Reading this article will help you to know:

  • How does an image text converter work?
  • 5 Android apps for converting image into the text

How do image to text apps work?

The major technology behind the image to text converter OCR. OCR or Optical Character Recognition is the same technology that works behind the QR scanner and Barcode Scanner.

What is OCR?

According to Wikipedia, “Optical Character Recognition is the electronic or mechanical conversion of images of typed, handwritten or printed text into the machine-encoded text”.

Now, this is possible through the scanned photo of the document, a handwritten text, or from any subtitle.

The image-to-text converter, with the help of OCR technology, uses the algorithm of pattern recognition to find the elements that are printed on the document.

Furthermore, it finds similar data in the database of the tool for the pattern that was found on the image.

Later on, there are some more techniques like layout analysis that focus on identifying the paragraphs, columns, lines, and empty spaces.

In the finalizing process, the tool uses the Post Processing techniques to make accuracy in the conversion and exclude any error (i.e., grammatical errors, spelling mistakes).

5 Android apps for converting image into the text

Before considering an app for converting images, several things need to be considered. For example,

  • Accuracy of the application
  • Time effectiveness of conversion
  • Cost of the app

These are just major but there are several other things to consider and if these are available in the app, the efficiency of the application will increase.

The tools that we are discussing below are tested and amongst the best to consider for your smartphones.

1.     Text Fairy

One of the top listed and efficient images to text conversion tools is “Text Fairy”. Without displaying the ads, it provides free usage to everyone even if you are not registered on their app.

The most amazing feature of this application is the correction in the viewpoint. For instance, if you are scanning the page of a book that has variations in the angle, it will automatically adjust the text and convert the best text.

Once you insert the image into the application, it will allow you to export/download the PDF file while for editing the text, you may copy the extracted content in your clipboard.

Though this app supports 50+ languages it can’t convert hand-written documents into the machine-readable format.

If you want an OCR app for digitally printed documents then considering this app won’t be a bad option.

2.     Image to text (

The second of our list is Prepostseo image to text converter. Along with the feature of free access, this app provides an accuracy of 99%+ which means trustworthiness for this application.

Once it converts the image into text, it will automatically output the editable text which is shareable to different platforms like social media, WhatsApp, or any other sharing app.

The app comes with a simple interface as you just need to upload or paste the image with just a single click.

This image to text not only provides accuracy instead, but you can also convert the handwritten text into the digital format.

Mostly, people use this app for data entry from manual writing to digital writing. All you need is to upload the image by taking an instant photo from your smartphone’s camera or upload it from your phone’s gallery.

3.     Image to Text (by Inverse AI)

This app is famous for converting PDF files into an editable format within your smartphone. But besides this, this app is capable of converting different types of images into the DOC format.

With the ability to convert the images faster, this app provides a simple interface with just the major options of uploading the images.

You can either upload the image from your document, gallery or you may open your camera to directly add the document by capturing the image.

One of the additional features that it offers is the built-in filters that can help you apply the filters to your conversion. Upon uploading or converting, you can crop or edit some major elements in the image using the same app’s built-in features.

After conversion or editing, you can easily export the converted text into a PDF or Text file. This app supports 60+ languages and selecting the language before conversion improves the accuracy.

4.     Image to Text (by Wij Dev)

A simple image to text converter features the conversion without an internet connection. Whether you want to convert from the image in the gallery or you want to capture using your camera, this app is helpful.

Once it automatically extracts the text, it will allow you to edit the text and the text can be later copied on your clipboard.

The supported image format includes PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, TIF, TIFF, BMP.

5.     Image to Text OCR scanner (by HMA Labs)

Image to Text scanner is another app for converting images into text with an active internet connection. Although the efficiency of this app is not accurate as it can’t scan the low-resolution image into editable text.

Neither it can convert the blurred image nor it can go for handwritten notes. Furthermore, it only supports common languages including English and this app is not free for everyone.

You need to buy a paid subscription for this app but this app offers a free trial to check out the accuracy.


Whether you are a businessman or a marketer, converting images to text is a common phrase for most professions.

It can help to save your time and become more creative in your work. For example, if you want to convert the printed documents into digital format, you can easily convert the printed documents using an efficient image to text converter.

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