6 Hidden Social Media Tricks You aren’t Aware of!

From the age of sending pigeons as a source of our communication to now, where just a click can matter to most of us. For a fact, (just in case) your pigeon has a crazy eye and that pressed click(if there isn’t a un-send option) cannot come back.

The introduction and the evolution of social media have changed our lives in almost every way possible. Some people use it as a source of entertainment. Others use it as their platform to showcase what they have and what they can offer by being an influencer about which you can learn more here. Some just like to shoot their parts of life and show it to the world of what they’re doing, whereas some people just want to keep a check on their loved ones via social media.

But did you know apart from that, there are so many other things to social media, not just liking, sharing, basically, including everything that one usually uses these platforms for. If you do things like open the desktop version of Facebook on your phone, then this article is for you.

Here are six social media hidden tricks that we aren’t aware of:-

1) One can find out who has unfollowed them on Twitter. A platform where one shares their thoughts and their views and opinions and their pictures, Twitter has become a major source of what is happening in the world. Especially if one is interested in the spilling of tea in entertainment to politics, literally everything!! Some people are particular about their followers on Twitter. Well, this is one major trick for those who want to keep track of their following list by using an application called Manager Filter. It also keeps track of when most of your followers are online, helping you tweet and let your thoughts read the most by your followers.

2)  One can also save the links to read later on Facebook. I mean, no one will deny that the creation of Facebook has changed our life so differently. It has become a platform for anyone and everyone. Where there are meme makers, there are also people who want to get information about the world via their social handles. And it is a major disappointment as if we accidentally refreshes the page. The post is just disappeared. For that, one can just save the link before refreshing the page or maybe logging out, but when they log in, they can simply click on the “save the link,” and they are good to get that information.

3) LinkedIn has been a very useful website for college students looking for jobs and the emerging adults trying to build their chain of connections with the industry people and professionals relating to the fields they are interested in. But did we know that we can message the people we are linked to on LinkedIn?If one is a part of a group and wants to get in touch with one of its members who might have commented or have posted something on that group, there is an option of “reply privately,” and that is it.

4)  Instagram, a social media platform, is widely used by emerging adults where they simply post their pictures and videos expressing how they are feeling, what they are doing, just posting something funny to something very aesthetic all at the same time. But did you know that one can post anything via Instagram on their other social media handles by just a few moderations done in their account?

  1. a)  Clicking on their hamburger, looking or the three parallel lines, and then clicking on link accounts, and then there is a list given.
  2. b) Clicking on the handles in which you want to post your images or videos, you’re all good to go!
  3. c)  Also, you can tag your friends on your IG handle, and if they are using the same another platform, they will be automatically tagged in that post as well on the other platform

5)  A platform that is a haven for writers, bloggers, artists, and so many creative people is Tumblr. Personally, it is my go to 3 am website. Did you know you can view what was said earlier, maybe about any post or tag that you used ages ago, as it uses a UNIX timestamps technology that helps you view anything that was being said on any backdated tags? This powerful research tool is used for people who want to search for something specific in terms of art so that it is easy for the person to extract the information very easily. One just have to simply change the date to UNIX, using timestampgenerator.com

6)  We cannot deny the fact that how Google has taken control over our life by arranging our emails to our memories in the form of pictures, videos, recordings, etc., we completely rely on Google for anything. Google+ helps us also with the outreach of our posts via the app “Ripples.” Ripples help us to see how much of our post has gained outreach and not just that but also that how much of our external pages have been shared by the Google+ users.

The impact of social media is so much in our lives that we literally can do anything and everything with such outreach.

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