How to Implement SEO For multiple Locations in 2021?

When it comes to getting new customers to your business, local search engine optimization remains an essential part of any strategy. According to Google, 46 percent of searches are local, and 76 percent of searches on websites result in a store visit 24 hours. However, many companies have had to figure out how to develop … Read more

How to implement redirect posts & pages with 301 redirects?

“Redirects are the perfect fix to turn a loss into gain, or at least we could try.” But the question we are sure crossed your mind: Should You Use Redirects? If yes! Is there any strategy to carry out them? Well, according to a new rule of 3xx redirection, now Google does not penalise websites … Read more

The Unseen Hacks  – Social Media

the unseen hacks social media tech blicks

Did you ever think our introduction to the internet would evolve our lives? If you want to buy, have social interaction, and gain knowledge, all of it is in one space! Yes! You are right; we are talking about Social media and its impact on our lives. I am sure all of us must be … Read more

Powerful Tips To Increase Productivity On Instagram

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Surfing the web and perusing your web-based life feed has gained notoriety for sitting around and costing bosses cash. There is another side to internet-based life, and when utilized accurately, the utilization of online networking records can build efficiency, rather than depleting it. Regardless of whether you draw in representatives on open destinations, for example, … Read more

Communication Skills for Interview & Tips to Improve them

How to Prepare for a Job Interview

In an interview, to achieve or get the desired response from the interviewer, you have to consider your Communication skills. Communication Skills performs an important part in your interview process. Both interpersonal and intra-personal communication skills are considered in the interview as essential requisites for group discussions and personal interview. You have Good communication skills … Read more

Effective Tips for Personal Interview

effective tips for personal interview - Tech Blicks

Personal Interview may be the most difficult part of any selection procedure or the easiest one. Always you have to take the personal interview seriously because it gives you a great opportunity to showcase your skills in the right manner. After clearing all the barriers, including technical one, it’s time to face an exam where … Read more

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