Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)- Decrease Your Bounce Rate

AMP (short for Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a very powerful framework for producing a fast-loading mobile web page. This is an open-source initiative is designed to enable Website owners such as brands, bloggers, content creators, etc. to better the speed consequently for mobile users without sacrificing any ad revenue.


Top Three Reasons To Use AMP On Your Website

  1. Faster Loading: Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) is all about loading speed on mobile devices. The entire project was created by Google to help mobile users can get results quicker. 
  2. Lower Bounce Rate: Recent study shows that if a mobile user clicks on a website that takes more time to load then they will leave immediately. That means. A slower website equals high bounce rates. That is why you need to implement AMP on your website as soon as possible. 
  3. Higher Performance And Flexibility: AMP framework is not the only way to make a website more mobile user friendly. it s just that AMP happens to be the most flexible and high performing framework available in the market to make sure you get a mobile optimised website. 

AMP & Bounce Rate

Speed is a very important factor when it comes down to the internet nowadays. With the introduction of technologies like 4G and 5G, We the users do not accept any website that takes more than a few seconds to load. If your website is slow then your views will bounce from your website leading to a higher bounce rate. There are two important factors affecting the websites loading speed, these are as follows: 

  1. Time to get DOM ready.
  2. Full length page load time.

DOM time It is the total time taken by the HTML code of the website to be received and parsed by the internet browser. 

Full-page load time It includes the time a website takes to load all the information that there is on a website. Such as the images, fonts, CSS codes etc. 

Where To Use AMP

The AMP framework is super versatile, it enables us to use it for different components of the internet. In this section, we will discuss the areas where you can use AMP in great details. 

AMP for websites

AMP provides you with these amazing tools that will help you optimise your website for mobile users easily.  need to build optimized websites. It is proven that the domains that are built with AMP are 5 times more likely to pass Core Web Vitals metrics than non-AMP domain. Which means more speed for your users. AMP provides a component library that can help you build web pages for your website. These components are DIY copy-and-pastable for ease of use. 

AMP & Bounce rates

AMP for Visual Web Stories

AMP Web Stories can immerse your readers in the fast-loading and full-screen experiences of a webpage. With the AMP Web Story format which was formerly known as AMP Stories,  you can easily create engaging animations for your website. 

AMP for emails

Some might say using emails is a little outdated but you cannot deny the fact that every day billions of emails fly all over us. That is why implementing AMP in your emails is a wonderful idea. By applying AMP to your email, you can use it to send and receive dynamic emails. Here is a list of benefits of Email AMP: 

  1. Increase in email capabilities
  2. It will be safe and secure
  3. Consistency and scalability can be achieved
  4. Increased personalization is provided
  5. Interactive customer experience will lead to lower bounce ratesAMP ads

AMP for ads

You can also use the AMP framework to build and serve super fast and safe ads on your pages and stories. In this century everything is fast, fast life, fast food, fast trains, fast cars, fast internet, you get my point. And in this fast world do we show our users a slow loading screen during loading an ad? No. You need the AMP to work the magic on your ads.  Here is a list of benefits of using AMP ads:

  1. End to end experience can be controlled
  2. Reduction of complexity in your operations
  3. Easily measure the viewers
  4. Maximum revenue collection

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