How to Implement SEO For multiple Locations in 2021?

When it comes to getting new customers to your business, local search engine optimization remains an essential part of any strategy. According to Google, 46 percent of searches are local, and 76 percent of searches on websites result in a store visit 24 hours. However, many companies have had to figure out how to develop … Read more

How to implement redirect posts & pages with 301 redirects?

“Redirects are the perfect fix to turn a loss into gain, or at least we could try.” But the question we are sure crossed your mind: Should You Use Redirects? If yes! Is there any strategy to carry out them? Well, according to a new rule of 3xx redirection, now Google does not penalise websites … Read more

Short Guide to Local SEO

Local SEO or Local Search Engine Optimisation is a part of Search Engine Optimisation which focuses on optimising the website for local search results. Example for Local search terms are: Restaurant near me Dentist near me Hotels in [city name] Doctors in [city name] Local SEO is a strategy to focus on optimization of local … Read more

Short Guide to YouTube SEO

Mostly Digital marketers focuses on blogging, SEO, AdWords and Facebook ads for driving traffic on their website. But, you forget about the second biggest search engine: YouTube. If you done it in right way, you can get the benefits of video marketing as well as get higher search engine rankings. In this post, you can get … Read more

Short Guide to Voice Search

All the Virtual assistants, such as Alexa and Siri, worked on voice and are called to answer our questions and fulfill informational requests. “Alexa, find grocery stores near me.” For finding the grocery stores. “Siri, how do you make homemade cake?” Here’s what I found on the web for “how do you make homemade cake.” … Read more

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