How to Move your WordPress Site from Http To Https?

Today, everything is available online, due to this, sharing of important and personal information is increased through web. Now the

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Short Guide to Local SEO

Local SEO or Local Search Engine Optimisation is a part of Search Engine Optimisation which focuses on optimising the website

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How you can Add Google Custom Search Engine On Your Blog

Are you a webmaster who manages a blog or a website? I am sure that you felt the need to

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How to Revert Back to Classic Editor in WordPress 5.0 or More?

Learn how to switch back to the old classic WordPress editor and disable Gutenberg based blocks editor enabled by default

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How to Downgrade WordPress Version?

Have you ever updated WordPress to newest version, and now noticed that your website having some problems? Be Normal, Dont

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How to Create Custom Branded Short URLs on Your Own Domain with Bitly

When it comes to Social Media, e-mails and Offline Publication of links, URL shorteners play a very vital role. The

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How to Add a Facebook Like Box Widget in WordPress

Adding a Facebook Like Box on your website, usually in your blog’s sidebar or some will add in their footer

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How to get file path from JFileChooser | Tech Support | Java | JFileChooser

While using Jfilechooser, sometimes we need the path of the file which we are choosing. In some cases, we use

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