Thought and Thinking: How to Overcome from Over Thinking to Achieve Success

Thought and thinking - how to overcome from overthinking

Thinking and Thought, Both are different things. Understanding the difference them is really important to achieve success in our life.

We use our brain from morning when we wake up to night we slept, to analyze and do our work. But did you know, in night when we are in bed, the thinking does not stop. Yes, whether we are in conscious or unconscious state, our mind is always thinking.

What is Thought?

Thought is an aim-oriented idea or opinion produced or occurred suddenly in the mind. Thoughts aren’t self-generated, we don’t create thoughts ourselves, they are automatic. They come through our mind much like clouds pass by in the sky. Sometimes, when we are idle on our seat or in bed, we get thought. Then, we realise how and why we got those thought.

What is Thinking?

As we read above that thought are automatic, they occurred self. But, Thinking is opposite to it. It is a manual process.

When I’m writing this Blog, I am thinking, how to write, what to write etc. etc. I’m not having thoughts. When we do something purposely, we think to act.

To clarify this more in details, I will take an example.

A college student, is travelling in a bus to its college on routine basis. One day, he is sitting on window seat in idle state. In a moment, someone passed the bus on a superbike and he sees that. At that point, his brained triggered and a thought come into his mind of buying that bike.

Here thought is – “I will buy this Superbike”.

Rest of the way to his college, he is thinking about it. He is thinking of when he will go home, he will talk to his mother and father to insist them to buy him that bike, How will he insist them? How will his father bring that bike? Will they take loan or have much that money to buy that bike? When we they go to buy the bike? What color of the bike he choose? How he will go to College on Bike? Where will he make trips and go on Bike? And much more…. All this is thinking. This require efforts.

But when he is thinking, he goes much far, he is over thinking!! This cannot help him to get success as he forget what is his thought in over thinking.

Thinking is good, but over thinking causes problems!!


How to Overcome from Over Thinking

Now it’s time to overcome from your over thinking. Here are some methods to overcome from over thinking in any situation, whether you are thinking in happiness, fear, stress etc.

Don’t think what will be go wrong

In most of the cases, people over think due to fear!! In some studies, I have heard that when you focus on all the negative things and think it might be happen…. You may get paralyzed!! Next time, in any of this situation, STOP yourself!! Think about the GOOD things and keep these good thoughts.

Distract Yourself

Sometimes, you cannot stop yourself from bad thinking, then it is good to distract yourself from thinking!! Things you can do for distracting yourself from over thinking are mediation, dancing, exercise, learning an instrument, knitting, drawing, painting and other things you like the most.

Think of Present not for Future

You and no one else can predict the future. All we and you have Present. Like, the student is thinking and thinking and forget about where he start, present. He waste his time. His thinking is not productive. If he think about he can fulfill his thought or his present or his career. Stop overthinking!!

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