In the previous posts we read about SEO, Keywords, Optimisation of Homepage, other pages and blog posts. Now we learn about the backlinks. Backlinks are backbone of SEO. In the SEO of Website, Backlinks play a vital role. Backlinks are the core part of off-page SEO.

What the Backlinks are?

Backlink is a incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website or webpage. A hyperlink that takes you from one web page to another web page or one website to another website are Backlink.

Backlink count as a vote for your Website in SEO.

Websites that have most Backlinks or highest quality of Backlinks, placed on the first page of the Search Engines for targeted keywords. Always prefer quality over quantity in the Backlinks otherwise your website can be blacklisted by search engines.

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Pankul Bindal

Pankul Bindal is Digital Marketer, Graphic Designer and Programmer. He has completed his Computer Engineering. His passion is to write blogs, Designing and Digital Marketing. He works for many Companies in his freelancing Career.


Al Ginolfi · October 16, 2018 at 5:44 pm

here! Good luck for the next!

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