Hello everyone, my name is Pankul Bindal, I am Graphic Designer, Digital Marketer, trainer and consultant. I love to share things what is have learnt. I learnt most of the things online. This post is part of Basics of Digital Marketing series. Here you will learn basics of Digital Marketing and get boost your career. You can also contact us for Full Course.


So what is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a technique or an art of influencing people or getting customers towards your business or products via online or by digital mediums.

So what are the Digital Mediums?

Digital mediums are Search Engines, Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Content Marketing etc.

All these Digital Mediums are essential in Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is are very different from the traditional marketing methods like newspaper and magazine marketing , TV and radio marketing, and much more complex than these methods.

Pankul Bindal

Pankul Bindal is Digital Marketer, Graphic Designer and Programmer. He has completed his Computer Engineering. His passion is to write blogs, Designing and Digital Marketing. He works for many Companies in his freelancing Career.


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