Future and Opportunities in Digital Marketing

In last post, we have learnt what the digital marketing is?

In this post why the Digital Marketing is future Marketing and what are the Opportunities in Digital Marketing.

Some time back, 3 – 4 years back from now, people mainly used TV, Radio, used to read newspaper, magazines etc. At that time traditional marketing methods are most popular.

But now, in this era, digital era, people often uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, uses search engines instead of books and magazines, often reads newspaper online. So we have to use those methods of marketing from which we get high ROI ( Return of Investment ).

Most of the companies now hiring marketing agencies or appoint a digital marketer for the digital marketing of their company and they give upto 10% of their marketing expenses.

As per some records, USA and China are spending nearly 40% on digital marketing.

We get to know the opportunities in digital marketing we have.

First, we can do our Personal Branding, which helps us to getting job.

Second, we can do digital marketing or consultanting at any company as freelancer, agency or as an employee.

Third, we can grow our own business, as marketing is essential part of the business.

We can get job, work as a freelancer or as an marketing agency.

Jobs and Opportunities

Digital Marketing is new thing in market and there are plenty of jobs but not enough Digital Marketers. If you are good at Digital Marketing, you can get a high paying Job.

You can get job as one of following title

  • SEO Executive
  • Digital Marketing expert
  • Online Bidder
  • Social Media Marketing expert
  • Content Marketer
  • Video Marketer etc

Companies are paying a high salary to Digital Marketers.

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