How to Start Learning Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing, future of marketing. Most of you want to learn Digital Marketing.

Here in this post, you can get to know to how you can learn Digital Marketing or the best ways to learn Digital Marketing.

Anyone can Digital Marketing, there is no need of tech background.

You can learn digital marketing by self learning as i have learnt, but books can’t help you because digital marketing is highly changing aspect and you can become out dated digital marketer. Use internet of you can also learn from my blog. I will become your guide.

What to do next?

Make a personal blog and start writing on a niche. By this you can do your personal branding and learn practically by doing practicals on the blog. You can test your skills of digital marketing what you have learnt by driving traffic to the blog, using other digital marketing aspects.

What are the options available to learn Digital Marketing?

  • Read books of Digital Marketing
  • Attend webinars or take online courses
  • Work as intern in a company
  • Practice Digital Marketing skills on your own Website.

Practice Makes Perfect

Start with a Domain Name and Web Hosting

  • Register a Domain Name of your Website for Rs. 99 ( or 2$ )
  • Buy a small web hosting initially
  • Install a WordPress blog in it
  • Optimise it for SEO
  • Create Social Media Pages of your Brand Name ( Social Media Marketing )
  • Start building Email list

Tip : Don’t use Free Version for your Personal Branding.

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