5 Useful Ways to Reuse an Old Router

The game of Wi-Fi technology is evolving every day. It has taken a significant turn in the last ten years. With the current condition around the world, most of us are working from our house using our own internet connection. People are changing their connection or getting a new one to keep up with the requirements for a smooth flow of work.

Switching from an old router that may be lagging from the new one does not mean you have to throw it away. The old router, which gave you service for all these years, can still have its Ethernet networking feature as serviceable as ever. It is perfect for use along with your new router connection with the help of some DIY projects.

Here are some ways you can reuse your old router to increase your network coverage.

1. As a Wireless Repeater:

There may be parts of your home where your Wi-Fi network does not reach, or you don’t get a proper and fast connection. If that’s the case, then you can use the old router as a wireless repeater.

A repeater extends the range of the signal of your internet connection. It creates an access point that bounces a wireless signal to your new network. A repeater causes the signal to reach every corner of your home.

To convert your old router into a repeater, you have to connect it to the wireless network of your new router using the Wi-Fi signal.And, using, will only make it stronger and securer. Once done, the old router will permit your network to reach the area of your home, which did not have a strong signal.

2. As a Guest Wi-Fi:

Do you have a home office with clients always coming in? Maybe, you have frequent guests visiting your house. If you want your guests or clients to have access to your internet during their visit, but not your personal network, you can set up your old router as guest Wi-Fi.

All it requires for you to do is install the old router in the guest mode. With this arrangement, you can provide your guest/client a password-free, secure network while they wait or visit.

You may add a firewall for extra security in your main router connected to your internet.

3. As a Network switch:

With all the smart devices around you and with your new router equipped with only 4 or 6 ports, you wonder where you will connect your Entertainment center. Changing some setting in your old router and converting it into a network switch makes more sense than buying a new switch.

A network switch increases the number of Ethernet ports. Now you can set up your entire entertainment center in a single place, sharing the Ethernet connection, instead of spending a fortune to get yourself a new switch.

For setting this up, you need to make sure your old router is DD-WRT compatible and to disable wireless networking in your old router. Connect the old and the new router to one another to use it as a network switch. The extra item you need is an Ethernet cable.

4. As a Wireless bridge:

If you have a Wi-Fi network, a wireless bridge will help connect two wired networks. A bridge will pass the internet connection to the devices connected to it.

With all the smart devices connected to your primary router, you don’t know how to connect your game console or DVD player, which is set in another location. To solve such an issue, you can use your old router to work as a wireless bridge. The old router or wireless bridge will offer the Ethernet connection required by your game console or DVD player.

Connect the old router to your Wi-Fi network. Connect your devices to your old router. You get your Ethernet network all set to share with other appliances.

5. As a NAS:

The most common use of an old router is to convert it into a NAS device. NAS is Network-attached Storage, a hard drive you can connect to your device. With the setup, the old router can provide you access to a hard drive attached to it through any device connected to the network.

You can use a NAS device to store data and access it from any area of your home and any device connected to the network. It would be best if you made sure that your old router can run custom firmware and has a USB port to connect your hard drive.

Once the setup is complete, your router will allow you to access the storage and browse through its content. You can also use the NAS device for other usages, such as a backup destination or personal cloud.

If you are enjoying your new router but don’t want to throw away your old router, these are some techniques you can use to make your home network more accessible. All these tips will help you save some penny from buying even more new devices while piling the old devices.

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