How to Prepare for a Job Interview

How to Prepare for a Job Interview

You get a call for Job Interview – Congratulations!! If you get a call for interview, it means you have crossed most of the competition, because company feels that you’re a worthy choice and shortlisted you. Now, it’s time to get ready for the next step – Interview.

Feeling Nervous? It’s natural in human nature. But, you’ve to present yourself and your ideas with confidence, so that employer gets to know that you’re the best person for the job role.

Top tips for interview preparation

Here are some tips to prepare for a job interview:

  • Get the right dress – make sure the dress is clean, ironed, comfortable and ready to go.
  • Research about the company so you can demonstrate your interest.
  • Figure out the questions which can be asked to you and your replies to them.
  • Think of a few questions you can ask to interviewer at the end.
  • Prepare your portfolio and other key documents.
What to wear to an interview

First impression always count. You studied about company and get to know, company’s dress code is informal, and still, you have to look smart, professional and well groomed.

Check your interview clothes a night before in advance for marks, stains, missing buttons. Also took the same approach for your hairs too. Tie your long hairs, if you have to keep your professional look. All these same rules are applicable for your remote or video interview.

Your perfect dressing can give you some confidence. If you dressed informal in daily life, you may feel a little bit strange, but you look smart. Do the dress rehearsal at home, so that you can know your dress is comfortable and appropriate for the interview.

Pre-interview research

Do your research on company. Research about their products, brand and marketing strategy. Thanks to Internet, you get all these information easily. Check out the company’s website, press releases and news article and social media feeds. Also research and know the company’s competitors too.

Preparing for interview questions

Prepare for answers of things like “Why should we hire you?”, “What makes you the best candidate?” and “Why do you want this job.” Study the job description you’re applying for, to understand the qualities they’re looking.

If you get a question from out of the field like “What’s your favorite sandwich?” – Don’t Panic and simply answer with honesty and good humor. They’re just testing how well you respond to an unusual question under pressure.

Questions to ask

At last, interviewer said “That’s it from us. Do you have any questions?” To make yourself stand out as an engaged and interested candidate, prepare few questions to ask the interviewer. Focus on day-to-day reality of role and the opportunities to grow and progress.

Take with you to an interview

You don’t want to pull a suitcase or bag and walk into your interview, just bring along the things you really need and are important. In interview, you’ll get the water, but it’s good to take a water bottle with you, just in case you dry up and there isn’t a glass within your reach.

Some little things that will help

Sometimes small things can make a big difference. Here’s a quick checklist to check:

  • Make sure your fingernails are clean, trimmed and any nail polish is neutral.
  • Keep your jewellery simple. Too much jewellery can catch the light and be distracting.
  • Make sure your shoes are polished and clean. Avoid flip-flops and casual sandals.

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