Communication Skills for Interview & Tips to Improve them

Communication skills for interview

In an interview, to achieve or get the desired response from the interviewer, you have to consider your Communication skills. Communication Skills performs an important part in your interview process. Both interpersonal and intra-personal communication skills are considered in the interview as essential requisites for group discussions and personal interview. You have Good communication skills for achieving success in the interview.

While interview, in addition to responses you give to the questions asked by interviewer, your ability to communicate will be evaluated on the basis of your verbal and non-verbal communication skills, how well you explain your answers and etc.

Communication Skills needed in Interview

Nonverbal Communication

Non Verbal Communication demonstrates your confidence, i.e. standing straight, making eye contact with interviewer and connecting with a firm handshake.

Listening Skills

Always listen the interviewer properly because from the very beginning of the interview, he is giving you information directly or indirectly. If you are not listening, you are missing some important information. Good communication includes listening skills and letting the person know you heard what was said by him/her.

Don’t be Talkative

Interviewer may not appreciate talking more than he want to listen. So, before the interview, prepare yourself by reading the job posting, matching your skills with the required position and relating only to that information.

Use Appropriate Language

You must use professional language during the interview, don’t use any slang words or references to age, religion, politics etc. These will send you out of the door very quickly.

Body Language

Your body language speaks a lot about you to the interviewer. He can easily identify that you are nervous or confident or poised with your body language.


Tips to show your Confidence

  • Your body should be still and upright but not rigid.
  • Look directly at the person of interviewing board talking to you.
  • Turn by turn maintain eye contact with all the members of the interviewing board you speak to.

Tips to improve your communication skills

  • Read good English books, professional journals, etc.
  • Refer English dictionary on a regular basis.
  • Try to communicate with friends and dear ones in English.

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