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Personal Interview may be the most difficult part of any selection procedure or the easiest one. Always you have to take the personal interview seriously because it gives you a great opportunity to showcase your skills in the right manner. After clearing all the barriers, including technical one, it’s time to face an exam where you cannot revise your answers or leave them for later. At Personal Interview, with a right gesture, body language and proper posture, you can create a great impact on the interviewers. For Personal Interview, first you need to make up your mind that this is a path for creating a lasting impression. Therefore, give your best shot. Your conversation with the interviewer must be meaningful and to the point, don’t be too quiet or be too talkative. You need to maintain the correct balance. This will help you in cracking the interview and increase your chances to get selected.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you in performing your best in any interview:

Be Confident

In personal interview, Confidence is the key to crack the interview. Make sure to have an eye to eye contact with the interviewer. At that time, fighting with the pen or shaking your hand or leg shows that you are nervous, which creates a wrong impression of you. Therefore, stay confident and make your personality so attractive that the interviewer would love talking to you. Showcase your talent and skills confidently, if you stay nervous, you will lose everything.

Frank opinion

Sometimes, Interviewer would ask your opinion about the current trend. At such times, he expects your answer should be frank, not diplomatic. Give your opinion about the trending situations and how can you will try to deal it. Your opinions about situation and action will you take, make the interviewer understand how energetic you are for finding solutions that can give a lasting result. Also, make sure that the frank behavior must be in controlled manner, an interviewer may not appreciate the negative remarks against certain issues. So, handle well while talking on the sensitive issues.

Communication Skills

In a personal interview, Communication is the prime reason for which many people fail to impress their interviewers. You must have a well technical and general knowledge while communicating. However, it is of no use if you lack in maintaining interpersonal skills effectively. Communication should be simple and informative. During your communication, you must be expressive.

Do your Homework

Whether you are using these simple tricks to crack personal interview for your job, you must prepare your basic questions that are likely to be asked. You have to be ready to answer the questions that revolve around the career, ambition and life.

Suppose, for example, an interviewer in a Software Engineer interview will ask questions like why you want to do Software Engineering? How can joining this institute of Engineering can help in your career? How much experience do you have that can help you in your Software Engineering career?

Always be prepared with these questions so that the interviewer would feel like continuing the conversation with you further. Along with these questions, you must also have good academic knowledge as the interviewer may you ask some questions with some of it. You must answer every question properly as there are high chances that the interviewer might cross-question you.

Be Honest about you

Here, you are likely to be asked questions that would test your basic characteristics like honesty. You should answer every professional and personal question with honesty. The responses that you make must be natural. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer, it all depends on the how you respond to each question. Do not bluff while answering any question. If you don’t know answer of any question, it is better to simply skip the question, instead of lying.

Be Polite

Interviewers always notice how confidently and genuinely you answer every question. Whether you know the answer or not, you must be frank to respond to the interviewer, which creates a positive impression. Sometimes, you might answer correctly, but the interviewer may not find it appropriate. At such times, interviewer may suggest you the right information. Take it in a positive spirit and don’t argue with the interviewer, consider it as a knowledge booster.

Wear Good Clothes and Greetings

You are going for an interview and not for outing. Hence, try to wear good ironed clothes and Formal clothes, which reflects a good personality. Wear clean polished shoes and must have a good tie worn. This will help you in creating a good impression. Once you enter the room/cabin, greet the interviewer with a smile and a good day.

Be on Time

Punctuality creates a good impression and shows how seriously you take your work. In case you have been scheduled for a personal interview at 10 AM, then you must be at the venue an hour before. This shows how dedicated you are. To be on time is the right step you can take. If you get stuck up in traffic or there held any unfortunate happening, then inform the team well about it on time, which shows you consider this interview important.

Good posture

Your body posture can speak so many things about you. With the right body posture, you give a positive vibe to the interviewer, for having a proper conversation with you. A right posture means to sit straight and lean slightly forward. Do not fidget or play with your hair, pen or anything else, some interviewers may not like it. Clean your mouth and throw the gum if you were chewing it before.

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