10 Distinctions Between Businessmen and Entrepreneur

Are you an Entrepreneur? Or Businessman? Have you ever questioned what’s the distinction between these two? Both Businessman and entrepreneur have several similarities and distinctions also. Both Entrepreneur and Businessman provides jobs to unemployed, provide products and services to consumers and gives contribution in economy of nation. However, Both are not the same kind of people.

businessman vs entrepreneur


Here is the list of some variations between a businessman and an entrepreneur:

1. Innovation or Idea

A businessman can create or stand a business however business stand out from an unoriginal business or product idea. He enters into an existing business, like by taking a franchise, marketing or distribution. Businessman chooses a profitable business plan.

An entrepreneur is an inventor or creator of the product. Entrepreneur invests his time, energy and money on own plan. Entrepreneur starts a startup whereas a businessman starts on a business due to originality of the Idea of product or service they provide.

2. Aim of doing

Most of the businessmen are doing business for making profit, reaching there financial goals and to become there own boss. Also, some businessmen are people-oriented, whom are not very keen of making profit. They concern about welfare of staff and satisfaction of there customers.

Entrepreneurs concerned about to make a change in world by coming up with new Idea to solve an existing problem. Entrepreneurs want to follow there passion and achieve an ultimate goal. Entrepreneurs are not keen of financial returns, rather they are focused on what they can provide to the world. Purpose of entrepreneurship is just to make a distinction in the world.

3. Employees

A businessman is a leader and a manager. They hires employees and workers for helping in the growth of business. They treats employees as machines to grow there business.

An entrepreneur may be your friend or superior when it comes to work. He finds peers and other people, whom he treat them as there co-workers.

4. Customers

Mostly businessman sees his customers as source of income. Customers are the core of his business.

However, An entrepreneur sees his customers as his source of duty and fulfillment. For him, customers are inspiration. More the customers, more he got inspiration, However, for business he gets more returns.

5. Competition

A businessman have many competitors and he always tries hard to do beat them to win the competition.

An entrepreneur has only one worst challanger and that is himself, and tries its best to beat.

6. Risks

Businessman cannot afford to lose of capital and suffer from bankruptcy. That is why business person always calculates when he do business. However, some businessmen also take risks.

Entrepreneurs take crazy risks. They typically don’t care of time and capital, just to pursue there passion. Entrepreneurs do there work with love, joy and passion. Entrepreneurs are doing the things they love the most with the best of themselves to ensure a great success.

7. Money Minded

Lose of capital is one of the biggest worries of a businessman. Most of the businessmen always need good capital to start, operate and attain his success in business, especially in the retail, franchising and financing industry. However, in some cases, they start with zero capital.

Entrepreneurs always start there startup from scratch and doesn’t take any worries about money.

8. Point of View towards world

A businessman always sees the world as an opportunity for his business and to make living of him and as well as a chance to facilate the people engaged with him.

An entrepreneur wants to do work as a duty towards the world, despite of seeing it as a chance to make money.

9. Time Conscious

A businessman is always time conscious and doesn’t waste time. He always checks time and doesn’t want any delay in work or output.

An entrepreneur works like an inventor. For enterpreneur, product is his masterpiece and due to this, they can be slow and could spend a longer period of time to complete and make more perfect product.

10. Success

A businessman defines success as the success of his business and its stakeholders. Its stakeholders include himself, co-owners, employees, customers, investors, and even his community.

An entrepreneur doesn’t outline success of his startup. He simply do his job and let the history to defines the success that he get.



I don’t mean to put one of them on top of the other. Both businessmen and entrepreneurs are supposed to be the kind of individual or group of individuals that our world needs. A businessman needs an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur may also need a businessman. There can also be a person who is partly a businessman and partly an entrepreneur.

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