How to add Favicon to your WordPress Site

How to add Favicon to your WordPress Site - Tech Blicks


While having that just right logo for your brand is all well and good. But the question arises, are you really using your logo to brand yourself in the single most effective way possible?

Well, one opportunity that unfortunately, many business enterprises miss is that of both creating and subsequently using a proper favicon for their websites.  But then most people don’t even know that a well-made favicon can substantially increase their overall brand recognition as well as successfully help them to grow their business.

What exactly is a Favicon anyway?

The term “favicon” is actually an amalgam of two entirely different words, that is, favorite and icon. In other words, it is a very small icon or symbol that will show up in the navigation bar of anyone’s web browser whenever he or she visits your website.

Favicon sometimes referred as a bookmark icon because it also appears next to your site name when a user makes your site one of their favorites.

You have to choose the Right Size first

This is the most basic first step here, you have to Know about what size that you prefer for your favicon file. The answer to this question depends upon knowing exactly where you will be able to use it.

Experts typically recommend two sizes only.

  • The standard 16 pixels and
  • The standard 128 pixel size

Step by Step Guide to Add favicon

  • Install the plugin “All in One Favicon”
    • Go to your website, and login to WordPress.
    • Go to your Dashboard
    • Click Plugins, then Add New.
    • Search All in one Favicon.
    • The first result is the plugin you need. Click ‘Install Now’, and then ‘OK’.
    • Click ‘Activate Plugin’.
    • The plugin is now installed and activated.

how to add favicon to your wordpress website

  • Setting a Favicon
    • Click Settings, then All in one favicon.
    • Click Upload, for the file type of your choice under frontend settings.
    • Navigate to a folder on your computer that contains a picture you want to set as your favicon, select it and click Open.
    • Finally, click Save changes.
    • Done! You have set a favicon for your website!

The favicon will now show when visiting your site.

You can also add a favicon for the backend, which means it’ll show when you’re in the WordPress admin area.

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