10 Tips for Writing Content (Essay & Report) that People Will Love

That is the question that surely you have asked yourself more frequently. The answer begins with two very simple words: Good content.

But don’t take that relationship that is born and maintained based on texts, information and arguments lightly. Follow our 10 tips to bring your content(essay) to the heart of the public, win the loyalty of more and more followers, their likes, comments, full identification and click here to know more tips.

  1. Research is the first step

The publications should suggest a solid and updated management of the topic in which your followers are reflected. That is why in the creation of content a great difference is made with the following previous actions:

  • Consult blogs or specialist sites and turn to Google to find similar topics, before shaping your content.
  • Read comments from blog followers written by competitors to learn from other people’s mistakes.
  • Delve into the tastes of the audience, trends, their age, styles or their preferred post forms.
  1. You have to be important

What is relevant in terms of content(Essay)?

It is important what satisfies the real or subjective needs of your followers. So to answer that question, you must first know who is the recipient of your messages and what are their priorities when consuming content.

Then, already located in a defined context, you can offer trending publications. In this sense, with tools such as BuzzSumo, Google Trends, Feedly or forums, and Q / A sites, you will know which are the most shared and, therefore, relevant ideas.

  1. Creativity as a weapon of seduction

Innovating in such diverse, congested and recycled environments, such as blogs and websites, is a priority. The key resource in this regard is to prefer different approaches, for example:

  • Use of novel design.
  • The personal point of view and individual experiences on the subject will always be original.
  • Make the topics propitiate discussion forums so that the public feels involved.
  • Offer solutions such as tutorials or “How to do” content. The answers to a “Why? or “What to do to …?”

If after much thinking, you don’t connect with creativity, follow Content Marketing for essay writing and to break the routine and spark the imagination.

  1. Post with humanity

You must establish a humanized dialogue with your audience. It is preferable to talk, expose yourself as a person who identifies with the experiences and doubts of the follower than to approach it from a position of superiority or in a formal way.

  1. Humor like bait

Emotions matter more than a speech full of information and humor is the best connection point, an excellent bait on essay when handled with intelligence and without losing sight of who you speak to.

  1. Without complications

All content must be easy to read, with defined structures. The work will be more effective when:

  • You start by segmenting the text into clearly defined subtitles.
  • You use many short paragraphs of no longer than 4 or 6 lines.
  • You use numbered lists (according to writing services, the type of content with the best response among users) or bullet points to sort the information.
  1. Fall in love with titles and subtitles

Did you know that only 20% of people read the entire contents and 80% are satisfied with the headlines they see on their PC or Smartphone?

Therefore assume that you should hook your followers with flashy and timely titles and subtitles, to keep them attentive from the beginning to the end of your messages

  1. With the visual and auditory impact

It is always an added value to use in publications: graphics, infographics, videos or eloquent and high-resolution images. Convince & Convert remarks that incorporating a video into your content improves the results by 36.1% and audio by 38.5%. One image increases effectiveness by 29.5%, two images by 33.5%.

These resources must be attractive and of quality, of your authorship or with a Creative Commons license or acquired in image banks.

  1. Permanent update

To win the tough competition for the heart of the fans, you must update. The public loves the news, so bloggers who are constantly varying their content are the great seducers of the web world.

  1. Details count

You will always achieve content that falls in love if:

  • Add a CTA (Call To Action-Call to Action), for the best performance of your blog. This element must be direct, eloquent, visually appealing and adapted to your goals and the profile of your target audience.
  • Statistical citations, real cases, studies or if you incorporate links to refer to other sources that provide credibility.
  • Prepare content taking into account the appropriate time to post, depending on your followers, which will also determine the ideal length of the publications.

Take care of all the details to improve the strategy and content management, as highlighted by Content Marketing, because nothing can be a matter of chance, to achieve unforgettable publications.

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