5 Reasons to Avoid Free Web Hosting

Reasons to Avoid free web hosting

You want to create or start a website and for this you need a web hosting to host the files. You search on internet and found that there are a number of free web hosting available, where you can host your website. If you are serious about blogging and want to establish a good website, you’ll surprised to know that it is not a good practice. I know in starting, all don’t have money but spending some money on web hosting is worth.

Now, you are wondering, why I am saying to avoid the free web hosting. Here are 5 reasons why you should avoid them. May be after reading them, you believe and avoid the free web hosting.

Hidden Costs and Limitations

You will take a free web hosting, but there are not free at all. Yes, most of these free web hosting have a number of hidden costs. They will charge you and make a huge bill, once you crossed the free quota available. You will also embarrassed, also not in a position to lose your customers by changing your website domain name at that point, especially when you know there is a huge and increasing competition. Also, free web hosting will not allow you to have *.htaccess or FTP support, both of these are important for enhanced security.

No Technical Support

You go ahead or going to use the free web hosting service, you will get to know that the access to the help and technical support from the server administrators is NIL, means, if you have any problem in hosting, you have to sort all these problems by yourself.


When you are using a free web hosting for your website, then there is an issue you face is force you to publish their advertisements on your website to generate revenue, and leaves you no option to generate revenue from your websites. In simple words, revenue generated from the advertisements on your website is of web hosting service provider.

No Redirect and Sub domains

Free web hosting will not offer you a professional control panel, by which you can manage your web hosting services, it means you will not able to redirect to different domains, create new redirects and will make your website static. This will not good for you, if you are planning a website that will be grow with time. Also, these web hosting are not good for installing scripts like WordPress and Magento.

Control Panel Problems

When you cannot access or design your own control panel and have to use that provided of the free web hosting services, these are good for personal and non-money making websites, but not good for websites that are going to grow rapidly and you’re aiming to monetize the website. Therefore, it is important that you need a full control over the website and its control panel, to prevent hacking and administration issues of your website. In a free web hosting service, website administration is managed by someone else, and you are not given the full control.

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