What is Domain & Page Authority – How to Increase them?

domian and page authority

Domain and Page Authority are score given to websites’ domain by MOZ.com. These scores ranging from 0-100 shows the value of a domain name. According to MOZ, higher the score you get, higher the ranking could be. The score is calculated on various factors like the value of the root Domain, Content on website & Backlinks you get. There are various tools & plugins available through which you can check the score of any website such as MOZ Bar, Link Explorer, SEO Quake (Google extension).

Difference between Domain Authority and Page Authority

Most of the people gets confused between these two. MOZ calculates page authority of the website as well as Domain Authority.

Page authority is score of a single page which varies with page to page. And Domain authority is score of the overall website including all the pages.

To improve the domain authority of your website, you should work on your pages first. The domain authority of the website vary with the quality of the inbound and outbound links.

How to Improve Domain Authority

There are no method to improve the domain authority, but, I will recommend some ways by which you can make a huge difference in domain authority. These methods are explained below:

Multi Domain Backlinks

You have created high quality content on website, now the time is to make some authority backlinks from multiple domains. But some of the webmasters (or website owners) do mistake and stick to a single domain to get backlinks. They publish many guest posts but they do for single domain only and get the backlink from that domain only. Having backlinks for many domains but by improving SEO of website also help you in increasing Domain authority.

Do Strong Interlinking

Interlinking the relevant content on your website is majorly used to measure Domain Authority and shouldn’t be neglected in any case. You published the new pages and when linked them into old pages of higher authority, it pass the link juice and make them to rank better on search engines and also impact on your website’s overall SEO. These interlinks should be natural and diverse. A good internal linking structure indicates a powerful website with quality content.

Remove Low Quality Backlinks

You have got too much backlinks for your website, but sometimes too much of everything is not good. Lots of backlinks may does include spammy ones too. A good publisher always cleans their toxic or bad backlinks once in a while. Do not wait till you get punished by a new algorithm.

Also keep in mind that Domain Authority also values the age of the domain a lot. Keep patience, it help you increase your Domain Authority!!

Low quality backlinks are also considered as issue for the domain authority. They will degrade your ranking because of lack of relevancy and low quality backlink. In order to improve the ranking of a website, backlink strategies are misused. It directly affects the domain authority of the website.

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