Blogging – Importance and How to Start?

Blogging Its Importance and How to start

Blog is also known as a weblog (sometimes written as web log). The concept behind a blog, where users would share their most honest experiences online. Further it evolved into sharing of knowledge for others to read and gave a platform to interact and share their ideas. This is now what we call blogging. 

People often confused between a blog and website. A blog is a website but a website cannot  be a blog.

Major differences between a blog and a website are:

1.    A blog is updated regularly. You have to update the blog with new posts on a regular basis.

2.    A blog most of the time offer a discussion panel sometimes in form of comments, to take part in a discussion. 

Marketers do blogging for fulfilling their marketing goals and after that blogging got a new dimension.

Importance of Blogging

We just read about what the blogging is? Now, here are some importance of blogging –

  • With the SEO point of view, blogging is very important, you just have to submit the blog to search engines and they gives you new visitors, whom you can convert them into potential consumers.
  • Readers loves to read new content and if you want to reach them and want that they return on your blog, you have to offer some good content. By Blogging, you can provides useful content to your readers.
  • Blogging helps you to build trust and reputation with your customer base. With Blogging, you can show then how good you are in your niche.
  • Blogging is also a source of extra income with affiliate marketing and revenue from other options.
  • If you are good in your niche, you can get new opportunities of speaking at public or private conferences.
  • Since, blog need to be updated regularly, you will keep yourself updated in you niche.

Plan your First Blog

Want to start your blog and wonder how to start. Here are steps to plan your first blog. First, you have to ask some question to yourself:

  • Why should a reader come back to your blog?
  • Does your blog content attract readers?
  • Is there something that they might interested in?

Once you have answers to all these questions, you can begin with planning your first blog.

Steps towards your First Blog

Step 1: First step is to find the right name for your blog that sounds good and related with what your blog is all about.

Step 2: Now when you got the name for your blog, you should find its availability on Internet.

Step 3: The first blog should have the basic introduction to your niche and yourself too. People loves to connect with the writer personally.

Selecting your Niche

Blogging doesn’t guarantees an easy return. If you feel that you can start making good money immediately after you started your blog, then you need to break the myth. Blogging and making money from it are far from connected when you are new to blogging. You need to take sufficient time and give quality content to your readers before making some money out of it.

Choose a niche wisely, that you are passionate about and you can write articles in it, without getting bored.

Here are a few tips to find your niche:

  • Passion: Find a niche that passionate you to write and never let you getting bored. It can be anything like your hobby or related to your work or anything out of that. The best way to find your passion is to take a pen and paper and write down at least ten ideas that comes first in your mind.
  • Market research: You might select a blogging idea, but sometimes it might something that doesn’t interesting for others. So, you need to do scrutiny to discover more about your niche and see how many people are interested in it. Take help from the Google trends and other trends related to your niche. See how their performance has been for the past few years. If it is a rising curve, it certainly means you can write about it.
  • Adwords keywords planner: You can’t compete with well established blogs that are already ranked first in SERP. You can take help from the Adwords keywords planner and find the keywords that are not so competitive. These keywords are those that have monthly 1k- 5k searches. They are the right keywords that can drive traffic and at the same time have less competition.


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