Checklist to Remove Things from Your Website to Rank on Google

You have created a stunning website and sharing a valuable content on your blog. You are ranked on google and making your ranking better day by day. But, do you know that there are some things on your website which are threatening your website’s Google ranking and traffic you’re getting. Due to all these things, no matter how much efforts you’re putting for content writing, optimizing technical SEO, making backlinks and any other efforts to improve your ranking, are going to keep your ranking down.

This is quite horrible!! You’re putting so much efforts for improving ranking and those things keeping you down. And you eagerly wants to know what they are. In this article, I’m going to tell you about those things which you need to remove from your website(s) right now to improve your ranking on Google.

Following are the Thing to remove right now from your website:

  • Outdated Content
  • Invaluable Content
  • Duplicate Content
  • Irrelevant Internal Linking
  • Excessive or Irrelevant Ads
  • Unwanted Popups

Outdated Content

You have written a lot of content your website and still writing. Most of the content you’ve written is getting outdating with time and Google always prefers fresh content to rank higher.

Look out the pages and posts which were doing well and gaining a lot of traffic from search engines. Update these pages and posts time to time. By updating them, making them better with now, you’ll rank higher than with content now and leaving them as it is.

Google wants that all the content on your website should be great and updated. Your one page or post can’t rank on its own, it’s your whole site which ranks on Google.

Invaluable or Thin Content

Now, look out those pages and posts having thin content or offering a little or no value. Review the content, if you thought these are offering value to your readers, than it’s good. But, if they are not offering value to your readers than you have to update and make them valuable or you can also redirect them to other valuable pages to improve user experience.

Now using Google Analytics, loot at bounce rate, time spend on page and traffic it’s getting before and after the change/redirection. These will all give you an idea if your pages are good or bad or needs an updation.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content, it’s not just about word for word plagiarism, of what all have talked or already written a lot. When I talked about duplicate content, I’m also talking about writing the same piece of content which has been shared a thousand times on internet.

Irrelevant Internal Links

Make sure that the internal links you’re choosing are relevant to the content and page which people are going to visit. You just don’t have to do internal linking for tons of rich anchor text or to increase counts of internal links. You’re doing this for improving user experience and to keep them longer on your website.

Excessive and Irrelevant Ads

You are ranking on first positing of google search results and users visiting your website. They visited and founds Ads on your website. It’s not bad to have ads as you also want to earn, even google also shows ads on its pages. You just have to make sure that ads didn’t distract users while reading out the pages. Ads should blend with your page content and didn’t effect user experience otherwise users leave your website.

Unwanted Popups

Popups, All the webmasters uses popups in their websites to generate leads. Now, I am talking about unwanted popups, it doesn’t mean that you can’t put popups. I am also using popups on my website. You can save the popups as an exit popup. An exit popup is upon leaving, when person wants to leave your page or post. And for lead magnets, you can promote your popups within your content, top or bottom of the article. It’s a way to collect leads without disturbing user experience.

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