Search Engine Marketing Technical Terms

SEM – SEM Stands for Search Engine Marketing. In SEM, we use paid ads on search engines and other places on web to get more traffic on our website.

LinkedIn Campaigns – Advertising campaign for publishing promotional content of your website on LinkedIn.

Facebook Campaign – Advertising campaign for boosting your post and reach to the targeted audience on Facebook.

YouTube Paid Advertising – Ads for which publisher pay  to YouTube for displaying ads either on In Stream ads or In Display ads.

In-Stream Ads – Ads on YouTube which appears in beginning of video.

In-Display Ads – Ads which appears on search result pages and watch pages on YouTube as well as Google’s display network.

Budget – Amount which is decided by publisher to pay on Advertising Platforms for your advertisement is known as budget.

Bidding – Amount which you decide to pay to Google for per click or impressions on your ad.

Ad Group -Collection of one or more ads which target specific keywords.

CPM – CPM stands for cost per thousand. It is the cost you pay per thousand impression on Ad.

PPC – PPC Stands for Pay Per Click. It is amount you pay Google for per click on your ads.

CPA – CPA stands for cost per action and paid when specific action performed.

ROI – ROI stands for Return on Investment. ROI is analysis of revenue generated in form of leads, traffic and customers to your website on investment on advertising.

Sponsored Ads – Ads which are displayed on top of Google’s SERP.

A/B Testing – It is a technique used to determine better landing page.

Brand Messaging – Creative messaging on all media channels, including search to maintain your cooperative image.


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