Five Best IP Trackers

5 best IP trackers

So talking about IP address trackers, let us first learn some terms relating to it. So let’s start with an IP address; every device has a unique IP address, which tells us about the origin of any information, browsed data, etc. The IP address is not something that reveals your personal information.

Whenever you connect to the internet or the wifi, your phone/ device is logging your IP address. These are known as logs; logs are a necessity to maintain the internet because records are everywhere. The web uses IP addresses to transfer information from a source to a destination. So we can call it a building block that regulates the internet.

How Is The IP Address Tracked?

IP tracking is a technology behind our IP trackers, which helps us to find, trace, or track any IP address in the world. There are again two terms associated with this: IP tracker and IP lookup. IP tracker has a design that can track information about your IP and the device behind it, whereas IP lookup has a setup to lookup IP addresses and domain names about any other besides our own.

Now I must also inform you about the tracking system because you can’t track any IP address before you receive one. Consider a letter we receive to follow it. We need a source address from where it originates and a destination address and the time taken between (traffic). Without a source address or a destination address, the letter will never reach its destination. Similarly, in internet terms, it means to track an IP address you need a source address, a destination address, and traffic (emails or browser action) between the two.

Let’s now get into IP trackers and, at the moment, the best in the business because there are innumerable IP trackers,( can provide you further details about it and help you secure your IP address.

Solarwinds IP tracker

We will discuss the best ones, Solarwinds IP tracker, and its establishment took place in the year 1999, which falls under consideration to be the ruler of the IP tracking world. It offers a scalable, user-friendly, and enterprise graded IP management solution for all types of users. It enables users to scan, track, and manage IP addresses.

Lowering the IP management cost and minimizing the network downtime time by troubleshooting capabilities solar winds tops the list through its services. Best for its tracking solar winds offers a free as well as a paid version and is not open-source. Some of the features of solar winds are automatic detection, detailed IP histories, event logs, and also DHCP protocol, proactive alerting, and troubleshooting capabilities, the founder members of solar winds were Donald Yonce and David Yonce.


Moving forward to the next, GestioIP, which is best for administrators who require data and information frequently and quickly. One of the best in business, GestioIP is an open-source and web-based management software, packed with powerful features for high-end functionalities.

The services offered include automation, data representation, infrastructure integration, and compatible integrated tools. It is beneficial for the admins to find information regularly. GestioIP also provides full automation in network discovery and host discovery through SNMP. Apart from these, it is multilingual (available in nine languages), which makes it one of the bests in the global market.


Talking about the best in the business, let us get to WhatismyIPAddress software with an advanced proxy check, breach check, and speed test makes it one of the most convenient user-friendly software. It is one of the software which offers its services for free and also an IP address tool, which is listening on trusted softwares reviewing platforms.

Some examples are PCWorld, Business Insider, CNET, USA Today, Digital Trends, HuffPost, and many more. Best for its visual trace out, whatismyIP also provides VPN services and is also a software that maintains security and privacy.

Bluecat IP

Chris Parker is the founder of the software, first made this software to find its IP address quickly and whenever required, which he then made available for all. He launched this software in the early 2000s, which is now one of the best IP trackers in the world. Bluecat IP tracker with flexible, scalable, and advanced features is also a standout IP tracking software. It’s pricing policy is not listed, but one can obtain it through communication.

Michael Harris is the chairman and CEO of the Bluecat, looks forward to expanding it, and has contributed to the global market with a new technique for reporting, auditing, and tracking IP addresses in an automated way. Bluecat is the only platform available to build a network using DNS, DHCP, and IPAM foundations. The software has successfully eliminated the need to manually create and manage IP spreadsheets, which has resulted in less work for the admins and also minimized the network downtime to a large extent.

Right from the day it started in 2004, the Bluecat network can operate where the action is, seamlessly flexing and scaling to serve the rapidly increasing demand in the market. Successfully serving as the best, the Bluecat is running like a vending machine.

BT Diamond IP

Talking about the giants in IP tracking, BT Diamond IP is the only software with centralized access control, which makes it best suitable for large business which requires multi-vendor DNS-DHCP support and centralized IP management. The prices of the BT Diamond are not available on the website. BT Diamond, which is best for scalability and flexibility management solutions with centralized access control, is a network that offers softwares, hardware, and virtual appliances products. BT is one of the UK’s best-known companies, which also provides products and services all over the world in 180+ countries.

Alexander Drescher being the founder and principal of BT, has successfully expanded its network over the world. The software helps in streamlining the management of an entire address life cycle (both IPv4 and IPv6) across the web. Powerful API’s with OSS integration and DOCSIS firmware management, BT has reached heights when it comes to IP tracking. When it comes to IP tracking, BT offers robust security and reliability along with services like multi-cloud IPAM. So when It comes to IP tracking, there are a lot of global giants among which these are the ones that stand out and have been performing with excellent success rates and making IP tracking more comfortable and convenient for all.

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