What is Domain & Page Authority – How to Increase them?

Domain and Page Authority are score given to websites’ domain by These scores ranging from 0-100 shows the value of a domain name. According to MOZ, higher the score you get, higher the ranking could be. The score is calculated on various factors like the value of the root Domain, Content on website & …

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What is Link Farming?

A link farm is a group of websites that all hyperlink to every other website in the group. Most of the Link farms are created through automated programs and services but some are by hands. Link farms were originated due to Google’s ranking algorithm and PageRank. PageRank thinks links as votes, where a webpage linking to …

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What is Google Sandbox?

Google Sandbox is a Google algorithm which tracks the methods you used to build backlinks for your blogs or websites. Google Sandbox tracks the IP address of your computer and will notice how much and how frequently you are building a backlinks for your blog/website. This is the place where the new and less authoritative …

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