Free methods to create Backlinks

Are you a blogger or started a website?? Want to Optimise your website organically? Want to createBacklinks?? First of all you should know what the Backlinks are?? Back links are hyperlink one web page to another. Read about Backlinks in brief here.

Now I tell you about how you can create Backlinks to your website or blog posts. I know, for beginners, it’s very difficult to create Backlinks. They will confused of creating Backlinks. Backlinks will improve the SEO of your website.

You can build Backlinks to your website at free of cost as well as there are also paid methods. Try to make the Backlinks by free methods as they are genuine methods. For beginners, it will not easy for them, to pay a huge amount on Backlinks as they don’t have enough budget.

So let’s come to the point, in this post I will tell how you can make the Backlinks to your website.


You can create Backlinks to your website by commenting on blogs and forums.

Go to any blog, preferred which have high amount of traffic. Open any random post. On this post you have to comment. Most of the website and forums, ask website when you comment on their website. When you add your website, you will get one do-follow backlink to your website. If they don’t asked your website, you can add the link of your website in comment area. This will also give you a do-follow backlink to your website.

Websites or Forums

Here are some list of websites or forums where you can comment and build Backlink.

There are many other sites and forums where you can comment and create Backlinks.

Guest Post

Another method of creating Backlinks are doing guest post. You can write blog posts for another website and blogs, they will give you a do-follow backlink to your website.

Websites for whom you can write guest posts

  • Shoutmeloud
  • Tech Blicks
  • HARO (Help a reporter Out)
  • SitePoint

Always be patience while creating backlinks, it takes some time. Always remember while creating Backlinks, Quality matters than quantity.

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