Tips To Write Your Awesome About Page

About Page, an important page on all the websites. Its also important in respect to the SEO too. You know the sites that don’t have an about page may not rank higher as compared to the sites having an about page. So always, an about page too. Now its to make the about page more awesome as it says about your Blog or Business if you have a Company site.

Here are those tips that’ll help you to write an awesome about page.

Write in the first person

Remember, Blogs are personal [unless you’re running a business blog or Website]. So keep your about page personal. Don’t write in the third person as if someone else is telling about you.

Write as you’ll speak

Don’t get all fancy. Write in a conversational tone as you’ll introduce yourself to someone else. This sets your voice for the blog and creates a close connection with the reader.

Tell them about you 

Who are you? Why are you blogging? Why did you create the blog? What problem are you solving? Why should they listen to you? What experience do you have? You readers want to know it. They don’t want to read your resume or bio. Write a sentence for each one. 

Tell them about the blog

What the blog is all about? What problem is it solving? How will it help the reader or visitor? How it’ll make their life better? Answer them about all these. Remember, your blog is about the reader and his problems. So keep your focus on it. 

Ask them to subscribe

People often don’t consider about page as a placeto ask for subscriptions. They are wrong. When people have read about you, the reason you blog, and how the blog can help them, they would be highly interested to hear from you. That’s why it’s the best time to ask them to subscribe to your blog posts and newsletter. 

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