What Is a KML Sitemap?

Google Earth was originally called Keyhole Earth Viewer. Google acquired the company way back in 2004 and changes the Map System, but “Keyhole” lives on in the form of Keyhole Markup Language and KML Sitemaps.

KML sitemaps (or Geo Sitemaps) are a standardized format of pinpointing your geographic location and sharing the information. As we worried about local businesses, we’re talking about a way to consolidating your business location in Google Search, Maps, and Google+.

KML Sitemaps and Local SEO

The Google trusts your physical location, likely it is to display your business in search results for your local customers. KML sitemaps are important way to confirm your location with Google.

Not only does Google show local businesses for a search like “Graphic Designer in Chandigarh” it also shows Chandigarh’s Graphic Designer for local residents who simply search “Graphic Designers.” Mobile users who say “Graphic Designer near me” also get results using KML Sitemap and other geographical data.

You need more than just a KML sitemap to solidify your address with Google. You also have to consistently update name, address, phone number (NAP) listings across your site and off-site mentions.

How Do I Create and Submit a KML Sitemap?

No need to create an traditional, handy-crafted KML sitemap from scratch. You can use a Geo sitemap generator to produce the file for you.

The KML information includes:

  • Some nerdy computer code stuff
  • Your “Placemark” name or company name
  • The description you want attached to your Placemark
  • Your geographical coordinates (latitude, longitude, and also altitude if you wish)

After you have your KML sitemap, you can simply reference it in your XML sitemap (submitting the KML by itself is not necessary).

Outside your comfort zone when it comes to markup language? We can handle these steps for you as part of our local SEO services!

KML vs. KMZ Files

Most people use a KMZ file, which is simply a zipped, compressed version of the KML. The main advantage is that you can include multiple files in the KMZ. This might not be necessary for your small business, but if you do want to add a photo (your storefront or perhaps a portfolio photo to show off) you can do so in the KMZ file and attach it to your Google Earth location.

Get Those Local Leads!

We’re here to help make sense of all the alphabet soup like KML. We have both the technical gurus and the marketing geniuses you need to master local SEO and put your business in front of new leads.

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Sitemap Tool: ROR Sitemap generator

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