Myths about Blogging that you should overcome

Like any industry, blogging also has its share of myths. Beliefs that stops people from succeedins in blogging.

Let’s first address them, bust them so that you don’t face the same fate because You need to unlearn the wrongs ones before learning the correct ones.

1. You Need To Be Lucky To Succeed

This is the most surprising one I’ve seen. Luck has nothing to do with your blogging success.
Successful bloggers didn’t start writing their blog one day and become a hit. They didn’t get 10,000 visitors overnight Or made $1000 on day 1 of blogging. They worked hard.
They learned things that work after a lot of trials and errors, spent hours on writing and promoting.
They thought about quitting but decided not to and continued and continued.
One step after another…Post after post…Week after Week…Month after month…And succeeded…
It’s their effort that’s behind their success. not the luck.
To succeed, you need to believe in your skills, actions and efforts.

2. You Need A Huge Audience & A Million Hits per Month To Succeed

Most blogs grow slowly and may not attract a vast audience. They may never get to millions of hits per month. But it’s OK.
All you need is the right audience.
The key to success is attracting the right audience.

3. Blogging Is Free

No, it’s not. Blogging is not free.
At least, if you want to succeed, you need a domain and a host to start with then you might need to invest in the right theme and plugins, email tool or keyword research tool or landing page tool.
All these are essential for your growth.

4. You Have To Be a Great Writer

Well, it helps if you are a great writer. But Not everyone is a great writer. I am also not too good in writing. Still I am writing blogs. You don’t have to be a great writer, but you should be willing to learn to write better.

You should be honest to understand your weak zones and take measures to get better and you should be ready to write more and regularly.


5. You Need To Be Techie

Well, it helps if you know your way around the technical things related to the blog but, you don’t have to be a tech guy to succeed in blogging.
You can always hire someone to help with it.

6. You Have To Post Every Day

No, it’s not necessary.
Most of the people quit blogging because they felt if they don’t blog every day, they won’t succeed.
It’s not the quantity that matters but the quality that matters.
Well, if you can follow a schedule i.e. one post a week or once in two weeks, it definitely helps

7. Your Blog Should Be Perfect From The Beginning


When you start you don’t have the right logo or the design or the tagline.
You don’t have to get your headlines perfect or opening paragraphs great or great closings.
Starting today is much better than getting everything right and starting sometime in future.
Don’t wait for perfection, Start today with whatever you have.

These are the myths from which you should overcome to be a successful blogger. You can succeed in blogging but not with these myths. Always be patience in blogging, it takes time to be succeed.

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