What are the Steps to Start Blogging

In this post, I tell you about the initial steps taken before start blogging.

Find your Niche

As all of us start blogging for long time, not for short specific time. For long time blogging, it is must to find your niche on which you want to start blogging. After you start blogging and want to change your niche after some time, it is very difficult as your traffic now know your website niche.

Domain Name

To start a blog, we require a domain name which refers to our blog. Always try to take domain related to your blog niche or your work related. As niche, it’s very difficult to change your domain after some time as you will lost your traffic.


Web Hosting

You also require web hosting for your website. As per my advice take small hosting package for your start of blogging. This will not affect your pocket at start and you can spend that money on another things.



You have to make goals which you have to achieve with blogging. The goals are like you want 200 visitors daily on your blog and 5 post comments or you will write 2 poats weekly on your blog.

Setup your goals, that will boost your mind to achieve them.

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