How You Can Write Every Day In 4 Simple Steps

Want to Blogs Write every day? How you are going to do that? It sounds overwhelming, right?
No…it won’t be. Well, it might be for a week in the beginning But then.. you’ll get used to the challenge and slowly you’ll start loving it. Because writing frees up your mind. It helps you to think clearly and coherently. It helps you to focus better. It helps you communicate effectively.
You’ll see all those benefits when you write regularly. You’ll feel the change.
Now, let’s get back to the question.

How to write every day?

First, pick a time that suits you. When you start, it’s crucial that you pick the right time. It helps a lot if your mind is fresh, and you can focus on one thing without distractions. Most people struggle or fail to write because they couldn’t find a consistent time to write.

Next, find a place, someplace calm and peaceful where you can sit and write for sometime uninterrupted.  Turn off your gadgets. You don’t want to be disturbed with email notifications or messages or IMs while you write.

Set a goal. How many words do you want to write that day? Set that as your goal.
I’d recommend writing 500 words a day. You don’t have to write 500 words on the first day. You can set 100 words on the first day. 200 words on the second day. 300 words on the third day. 400 words on the fourth day. 500 words on the fifth day
Then try writing 500 words, every day.

Start with a small goal that doesn’t pressure you. Now, start writing.
Don’t worry about the topic or idea or anything…

Just write. Don’t try to correct while writing.  You’ll waste an enormous amount of time and never finish what you’ve started.

And don’t try to edit.  Editing, correcting, polishing all comes later. For now, it’s only about writing. Getting used to writing. Letting your thought train run for a while uninterrupted… and building the writing habit. That’s what you need to achieve first.

Start with the first word that comes to your mind and write. Or write about the dinner you had last night. Or write about how you want your day to be. Or write about what you want to achieve. Or write about the book you read.

Once you start writing, you’ll realise there are hundreds of things you can write about and that’ll help you in the future, when you write your blog post.
See, it’s not that difficult to write every day. You can do it.
All you’ve to do is…
– Find the right time.
– Pick the right place
– Set a goal and
– Start writing

Now, Start writing Blogs but before doing it set your goals.

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