Should you start anonymous Blog with a Nickname

If you want to become a successful blogger. There is probably one big hesitation you have and that is…
Will people like my blogs?  Will I add enough value for people? Or will they hate me? Will they ignore me?
These are some issues that every blogger faces when he starts his blogging journey. I also faced these issues a lot. It has taken a long time for me to get comfortable with writing and publishing articles.

Still I have not come to a stage where I can write an article and hit publish without editing it again.
Your first work might not get much traction. You might get 50 readers if you are lucky. You can spread your article on social media and within your personal network. Out of 50 readers, may be 2 will leave comments on the article and these comments would be your motivation for writing more. Take these positive comments as fuel to write your 2nd article… And so on…
Getting the first article out and letting yourself vulnerable to criticism is going to be a difficult task. If you are a blogger and if you have been hesitating to get started, I know your pain. That’s why there is a good solution. You can start an anonymous blog under a Nickname.
Someone asks me if that is legal and ethical to start a blog with a fake name. It is perfectly legal. There is no law that states that you have to be your true self when writing. There are many authors who have publications in different verticals and markets. They use a separate Nickname for each market.
If you start a blog with a Nickname, then you can just start writing without worrying about negative comments. If you get negative comments, you can ditch that blog and start new.
But there is a very less chance of getting negative comments. Every blogger has a small percentage of haters, and that’s OK. But for every hater, there are 100 fans. So You need to get into that positive blogging loop. Once you start getting positive comments and appreciation for your writing, you will be encouraged to write more.
So if you are having trouble getting started and putting yourself out there…
Start with a Nickname..

Start an anonymous blog.

When you buy a domain name, you will be asked to enter your name and address. But you can hide that information using WHOIS Privacy. Every domain registrar will give you an option to enable privacy at a small cost.

Enable it.

Install a blog.

Start writing.

Note that there is no privacy available for .in domain names.
So that’s the idea. Start a blog with a Nickname and keep it anonymous.
Write a few articles and use it as a practice ground.
As you start getting some positive feedback, your confidence will go up. You will know that even you can add some value to others. Everyone has some unique ideas… and those ideas deserve to be shared.
Don’t let it die inside your brain. As your confidence goes up, your writing output will go up.
With more writing, you will start getting more feedback.
With more writing, your writing skills will improve. And that’s how you become a better blogger over time.
If you want to take blogging seriously, and become a full-time professional blogger…
You need to Write, Write, Write.
And slowly, after a few years, you can start appearing on video.
Because, in the long term, showing our face on video is very important.
Video helps us:

  • Create more content faster
  • Leverage the huge audience on YouTube who don’t want to read posts like this
  • Build trust with the audience
  • Create different types of content like humour, video interviews, experiences etc which is difficult to do with blog posts and words.

I’ve been writing online for 1+ years now. And that’s what has made me a “blogger.”
I am still not sure, if I am good enough. And that feeling of “I am not good enough” is good.
Because there is no limit to how good you can be… there is always a next step to it.
May be 5 years later, if I write this same post, it would come out much better than how it has been presented now. People who think they are the best… usually are the worst.
So you already have all the ingredients of blogging success inside you.
You just need to get started.

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