What is content marketing?

You share valuable information for free on your blog or website is the very important characteristic of content marketing. Your audience will benefit from the information and will perceive you and your company as experts in a particular field. At end, this expertise of yours, will be the reason, people will going to buy products or services from you.

I share my knowledge with you. We write about SEO, Business and many other topics on our blog and share all these on Social Media Platforms and also in our newsletter. My audience perceives me as expert (probably because of all the blog post i write).

Importance of Content Marketing for SEO?

Writing content or posts on your blog is a key characteristic of Search Engine Optimization. Google reads your text, indexes the text and ranks it. If you are doing your content marketing correctly and efficiently, and write more blog posts, your website ranking will pop-up. All of the new visitors on your website are potential buyers. So, despite of increasing the traffic on your website, content marketing will increase your sales as well.

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