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Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

More than half of the 2019 is passed away and the upcoming era is totally digital era. 2019 and upcoming years are to look forward in digital marketing. Here in 2019, I have seen many new trends in Digital Marketing. And with these new trends of marketing online, you can

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How to Avoid Common SEO mistake

We do SEO for our website or our clients too. In SEO, mainly we focus on the content first, as always we get to know in SEO that “Content is King”. After going through the content, we focus on technical aspects. But, we doesn’t consider the User eXperience (UX), as

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Difference Between Keyword and Keyphrase

What is a keyword? A Keyword describes the content of your page or blog post best. Keyword is the search term that you want to rank a certain page or blog post. So when someone search for that keyword on search engines, they should find that page on your website.

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Introduction to Link Building

What is a link? Simply, a link, or a hyperlink, is a connection between two pages on the internet. With a link you can refer people to a page, post, image or other object on the internet. Links exist for people in the first place: with a link you can

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What is content marketing?

You share valuable information for free on your blog or website is the very important characteristic of content marketing. Your audience will benefit from the information and will perceive you and your company as experts in a particular field. At end, this expertise of yours, will be the reason, people

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Complete Guide for WordPress SEO

Introduction We know idea of optimizing your WordPress Website for SEO is threatening for you, especially, when you are not a tech geek. Don’t worry, It is not a complicated process. You can start here to learn the basics, and after learning from there start applying what you have learnt

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Tips to Get More Traffic by Blogging Less

You have a blog?? Write many content on it?? Still not getting the traffic on it?? No one reading your content… What you have to do now??? Write more content or build more backlinks to your blog to get more traffic?? The answer is NO!!! SERP Title Tag The first thing

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What cause an Entrepreneurial failure

Starts an enterprise. Many people starts. Some of them gets succeed. And some gets fail… That will sad, but have you know about the causes of entrepreneurial failure? Why you get fail? Here are some factors that are responsible for the failure of an enterprise: Management Factors: There are some

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Challenges to be Faced in Entrepreneurship

In this super competitive world, there are many challenges that an entrepreneur has to face in his business. In this post, I am listing out these challenges which are delaying the growth of startups. Challenges to Entrepreneurs Choosing the Product Entrepreneurs wants to start an enterprise and most of them are

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10 Myths You Should Know About Entrepreneurs

Have you started a Business? Or a Startup? Or in Planning Stage? I thaught, you may have spent many hours on thinking about the business you want to start or started. Surely, You may possess passion, idea to start your own Business. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions

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10 Distinctions Between Businessmen and Entrepreneur

Are you an Entrepreneur? Or Businessman? Have you ever questioned what’s the distinction between these two? Both Businessman and entrepreneur have several similarities and distinctions also. Both Entrepreneur and Businessman provides jobs to unemployed, provide products and services to consumers and gives contribution in economy of nation. However, Both are

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