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Whether you are a blogger, Student, teacher etc, you have to know about what the plagiarism is? Various forms of Plagiarism? And how to avoid plagiarismin your blog Content and also about the tools which you can you for check the plagiarism.

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Here you can check the top 5 content checker tools, which you can use for checking plagiarism in your content. Some of these tools are free of cost and some of them are paid. You can use these tools to sweep out the plagiarism from your content before publishing it. It only takes a few minutes but saves from getting penalty.


5 Duplicate Content checker tools to find plagiarised content:

1. Plagiarism checker by Small SEO Tools

This is a free tool that will run your blog post through Google, phrase by phrase, and give you a score on its uniqueness. It just takes a little time while to check the plagiarism, if you write longer content.


2. WorldEssays Plagiarism Checker

WordEssays Plagiarism Checker is another free content checker tool with some limitations. It allows you to use for five sweeps per month without a membership. It worked very well, when I run a test and it successfully listes all the sources of the scraped content which I put in there.


3. Grammarly

Grammarly is a paid tool which claims that it checks your content against 8 billion websites. Its plans starts from $11.66/month for a yearly contract and go upto $29.95 for just one month. Grammarly is good option for professionals who have to check a lot of text.


4. Copyscape

Copyscape will help you to find your scraped content on the web, but with their premium version you can also check your own work for uniqueness and originality.


5. Unicheck

For a fee of $5-$10/month Unplag will happily check any and all files you have for plagiarism. It also claims that it compares your content against 16 billion web sources.

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