Why Self Hosted Blog or Website

Starting a new blog or website? Read here, why to choose self hosted website for your blog.

In this post, I just want to tell you that, to learn digital marketing or if you want to do long-term blogging, what type of hosted website you use, Self-Hosted or freehosted site?

And the answer is Self-Hosted website. you should use self-hosted website or use paod hosting as a self-hosted WordPress blog is the best way to learn and practice digital marketing. You can also use some other platform as well, but with WordPress many things are easy.

For example, if you want to install your analytics code on all the pages of your website, it is just a few clicks with WordPress.

By self hosted website, you can learn all the things easily. On free hosted websites you cannot learn digital marketing. Also you cannot use your own domain name in free hosting as you have t use subdomains of wordpress or blogspot or any other hosting platform.

And from long term blogging view, it will difficult to drive your traffic to your site from the free hosting website. You have start all from starting.

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