Plugins to installed on your WordPress Blog

In this post, i will tell you about some recommended Plugins to installed on your WordPress Blog. After installing WordPress on your blog, its time to install plugins on your blog.

All the plugins are must for digital marketing and for blogging. These plugins are :

  • All in One SEO Pack or Yoast SEO ( Both will do same work )
  • Contact Form 7
  • Flamingo
  • Jetpack by
  • Landing Pages
  • WP Smush
  • XML Sitemap & Google News feeds
  • Loginizer


All of these plugins have their own work. All in One SEO Pack is for SEO of your blog. We will learn more about it further.

ContactForm 7 is to create Contact forms on your blog and Flamingo is to record the entries of Contact forms. You will place these contact forms on your cintact page or any other oages where you want.

Jetpackby is to monitor the stats of your blog. It will show you the stats in a simple way that you can understand it.

LandingPages is used to create Landing pages for your Blog. You will create landing pages on your website for any purpose like you want your uer to download a PDF or any other document etc.

WPSmush is used to Smush the images on your blog to load them faster.

XML Sitemap & Google News feeds is used to generate sitemap of your website or blog

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