How to Easily Embed Google Forms in WordPress

Google Forms offers an amazing way to connect with your customers and visitors by asking for feedback and let them to contact with you. That’s why learn the easiest way to embed Google Forms in your WordPress website.

Google Forms has a pretty interface and it’s an elegant solution for collecting responses from users. You don’t need a plugin and worries about it.

What you get from Google Forms?

Google Forms is free tool from Google. You can make attractive forms and collect responses from users with these forms. Also, Google Forms help your business online.

For example, Google Forms helps your business with all of the following:

  • Contact forms
  • Forms for product orders
  • Email subscription forms
  • Product questionnaires
  • Surveys
  • User polls
  • Event Registration forms

Google Forms works with Google Drive. If you already have an account, or you’re familiar with Google Drive, all of your Google Forms are stored in Drive.

Here are the following what you get from Google Forms with Google Drive:

  • Forms are automatically save while you’re creating them
  • You will get access to other collaboration tools
  • Forms are saved on Google Drive for which you don’t have to pay for (unless you need more storage)
  • Google Forms generates shareable links so that you can easily share forms.

Google Forms Designing and Statistics

Google Forms offers many pre-built templates which helps and speeds up the form creation process. Also, there are some great settings for customizing the forms as per your needs.

As per the branding, many companies find the matching color templates. All you have to do is upload company logo. After that, Google Forms automatically adjusts template’s colors to try and match the colors with your logo. Another important thing about Google forms are that they responsive in nature, means that users can make submissions from their phones and tablets.

Google Forms gives you statistics in backend to understand the following:

  • How many users respond to your form.
  • Answers selected by users.
  • Statistics for the entire form as well as individual questions.

Reasons to Embed Google Form in WordPress Website

May be you’re thinking about the situations where you may take advantage of Google Forms and why the Google Forms are better than other alternatives?

Consider the following situations and advantages:

  • Google Forms have advantages over plugins used for forms because you also have options for storing your forms in Google Drive.
  • You can easily share all of your forms via a link.
  • No need to install any extra plugin to your site which is good for site speed and security.
  • Branding through Google Forms is better than plugins.
  • Interface of Google Forms is easy to use.
  • Whether you share on social media, your website, or email marketing, all of the responses are stored in one convenient location.

Steps to Embed Google Form in WordPress Website

First you need a Google Account to use Google Forms. Create a new account or log in to existing one.

Next, follow the steps below to learn how to make a Google Form and embed in your WordPress website.

Step 1: Make a form

To get started, click to follow link to go directly to Google Forms dashboard. There you’ll see a page for either starting with a blank form or choose from pre-designed templates. In this tutorial, we select customer feedback template, you’re free to build your own form from scratch. Then, you’ll be prompted to type title and description of form.

You can do or consider the following while making your form:

  • Import or Add new questions
  • Change title and description
  • Add an image or video
  • Add another section and more.

Step 2: Generate Code for Embedding

Once you’ve created your form, generate the embed code so that you can embed it in WordPress website. To generate embed code, click on Send button, then, you’ll see different options for sharing your form. To get embed code, click on < > tab.

You can edit the Width and Height of form as needed, you can edit these later after you see how the form looks on your site. Then, click the Copy link to copy the Google Forms embed code.

Step 3: Add Embed Code in your WordPress Website

To add the Google Forms embed code in your WordPress website, edit and open the WordPress editor for the page or post, where you want to include your form or create a new one. Now, paste the Google Forms embed code in editor. Then, either save or publish the page. You should now see the form on front-end.

If you don’t like the form design, you can change the colors and/or size of form anytime.

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