You all should know these free E-books

Hey friends,
​Today I have a question for you: Which of the following resources are you using frequently in order to learn and improve your Java programming skills?

– Video Courses

– Online forums like

– Social hub like

– Books (e-books and paper-books).

You know, there are various sources from which you can learn. But today I’d like to talk only about books. Only books!

Listen: Books!

Do you agree that books are the primary sources of learning? Yes or true?

Do you agree that a programmer could not be expert without reading any books? Yes or true?

And when was the last time you read a Java book?

Well, reading books is very important for anyone who wants to be good at something, especially for programming in general and Java programming in particular. Imagine you are coding Java without reading any books – it’s like you are trying to explore a mysterious cave without carrying a torch.

So do you agree with me?

Therefore, I would recommend you to build a habit of reading books every day, every week, every month, and every year. Let think it’s like you’re wearing a durable pair of shoes during a long journey to conquer the highest peak.

And because you are interested in Java coding, logically you should read more books related to Java, right?

Recently, I have collected some good titles for learning Java programming from scratch. So today I would like to share with you, my friend.

And here are the titles I want to talk about:

1.    Thinking in Java
2.    The Java Language Specification
3.    The Java Tutorials
4.    Think Java (How to Think Like a Computer Scientist)

Let study and pick one of these books if you are new or just a beginner in Java.

And the greatest thing is that all of these books are totally FREE! Yeah, I double checked for sure. You can download as PDFs or read online.

I bet you eagerly want to know more information about these books, right? Oh, look no further! As I wrote a review article here:

Click on the above link to know what I’m saying about these books, and to download them as well.

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