History of Java

Java is a programming language used for developing distributed application by making use of client-server architecture.

Java language developed at Sun Microsystem in the year 1990 under the guidance of James Gosling &others.

Originally Sun Microsystem is one of the academic university (Stanford University Network) developed the rules for java & those rules are programmatically implemented/developed by Javasoft INC, USA.Javasoft is one of the software division of Sun Microsystem.

Whatever the software developed in the year 1990, SunMicrosystem has released in the name of the ‘OAK‘, which is the original name of java (Scientifically OAK is one of the tree names).

The OAK has taken 18 months to develop. OAK was able to fulfill only a few of the industry requirement & unable to fulfill other requirements of the industry.

The software OAK was revised at Sun Microsystem under the guidance of James gosling & released to the industry in the name of JAVA in the year 1995. Scientifically JAVA is one of the coffee seed names.
The software JAVA is available in the industry in three categories as following:

1. J2SE: Java to Standard edition [Client side application]

2. J2EE: Java to Enterprise edition [Server side application]

3. J2ME: Java to Micro/Mobile edition [Mobile/Wireless application]

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