Short Guide on Gmail Ads for Business

Short guide to gmail ads for business

Gmail is a mail service by Google, nowadays, which is widely used by marketers for promotion of business. Advertisements are the medium through which business broadcast message about their service and products to convince potential customers. This article is tailored to provide the information how you can use ads in Gmail effectively.

Introduction of Gmail Ads

Gmail Ads are not normal emails. Gmail Ads are also a Google Ads service which is used by marketers to promote their products and services on Gmail. These Ads can be seen in the promotion tab, instead of inbox tab in Gmail. It is also known as Gmail Sponsored Promotion (GSP). Here you can see ‘ad’ is written in yellow box, sign of Gmail ads. It looks like an email but its technique is totally different.

Working with Targeting Method

Targeting is the first and most important step which advertisers take to do a deep research. Earlier, Google was using keywords for targeting, which used by users in searching. But with time, they found that it was ineffective method to detect the actual user behavior. So, Google adopted a new technology to find the interest of users by analyzing the interest, habits and many more things, which helps you to find the relevant customers for product and services.

Why Gmail Ads are Important

According to some reports, many customers on average spend more than 2 hour a day while checking emails. Due to this, Gmail Ads is an incredible method for businesses to build brand awareness by reaching to relevant customers for their products and drive clicks and conversions.

Also, on other hand, Gmail Ads are also beneficiary for customers, as they get to know about the deals, offers and many other things while checking emails. Gmail Ads displayed in Promotion tab, which is already full of coupons and exciting deals.

Gmail Ad Specifications

Gmail Ads are of two types which displayed on Gmail. The first type is the teaser ad and the second is the expanded ad. Expanded ad is which appear, when a user click on a teaser Ad.

The CPC will only charge, if user clicks on teaser ad but no CPC is charged for clicks on expanded ad. Both of the ads have different specifications.

For teaser ads, length of characters for the headline cannot exceed 25 words and 100 characters for body text. The image size of the ad should be 144*144 pixel max.

In case of expanded ad, the character limit for headline is 25 max and body text is 90 characters. The image size can go up to 1200*1200 pixel.

How to Create Gmail ads using Google Adwords

Some steps are written below which is required to follow in creating the Gmail ad-

  • Open Google Adwords.
  • Click on Start Now & Sign In with your Gmail account.
  • Click on Campaign tab.
  • Click on ‘+’ sign.
  • Next, you need to select the goal which you want from the campaign.
  • Then, select the Display Campaign in which you can create the Gmail campaign to fulfil the goal.

Selection of Targeting Option

Google provides different targeting behavior where they will target the ad according to advertisers wish. The targeting option are described below-

Based on Customer Intent

Google provides information more than you think. It works on prediction basis where it tries to understand the search intention of the customer. It takes the help of various platform to read the mind of the users. It considers the history of the users in searching for products, YouTube signals and many other platforms. It is a great medium for businesses to target perfect customers.

Based on Interest and Habits

Another targeting behavior where ad is targeted on basis of customer’s interest. Google evaluates the searching pattern of customer, which helps in identifying the interest and habits of customer and display ads to them which are related to their interest.

Based on Re-marketing Technique

Re-marketing is a technique of marketing by identifying the people who have already come across your website. It’s a technique to re-target them & to convince them for your product or services. It acts as a reminder for the prospective customers.

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