Great Alternatives of WordPress for Creating Website

WordPress has millions of fans having a great variety of themes and plugins for easy to use and website’s functionality. WordPress is free and Open Source platform, however, it is not for everyone as it has some disadvantages too.

Great WordPress Alternatives

Here is the list of WordPress alternatives we have found :

  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Squarespace
  • Joomla!
  • Site123
  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce


WordPress offers wide range of themes, and for customizing the themes to meet our design needs means a lot of work and custom coding. However, Building a site with Wix is different. You can move the elements with a click of the mouse, and drop them at the right place where you want them (Drag and Drop Designing). All the plans of Wix comes with the same design options, even free plan too.

One main disadvantage of Wix is that you can’t change your site template once you have selected one, also you don’t have access to your site’s source files.


Weebly is a built-in website builder which has been used to create more than 40 million sites till date. If you’re looking for free of charge, then Weebly is a great choice. Free plan of Weebly, places a small and gray Weebly banner in your website’s footer. You can also connect your Individual domains from the plan upward $5 per month.

Weebly’s blog feature is very flexible. You can use all the available elements (gallery, contact forms, video integration, etc) and have all blogging features (tags, categories, comments, etc).


Squarespace is a website builder which is very popular between creative users. Designs are very stylish and responsive, means that they will automatically adjust to the screen size of every visitor on site. However, I still thought that Wix is little bit better due to the large number of available designs.

You can also import your WordPress blog to Squarespace. However, we don’t recommend Squarespace for blogging unless you don’t care about SEO because in Squarespace, you can’t adjust page titles and meta descriptions for individual blog posts, which is very important for ranking on search engines. Also, Squarespace is more difficult to use than Wix or Weebly.


Joomla! has some great built-in features, most important, management of web pages for multilingual – but it is complicated. You feel WordPress complicated, but sometimes, WordPress almost feels like a website builder for beginners, however, you’ll find Joomla! much more complex than it.

Joomla! is generally a more secure platform than WordPress. Joomla! has built-in 2-factor authentication, which makes harder for unauthorized visitors to break into your website.


Site123 is website builder having quite interesting features. Most of them are free to use. You can create a One-Pager website (which are quite popular between smaller businesses) or a classic multi-page website. You have full access to their SEO features and get support from them.

Site123’s premium plan starts at $10.80 per month and including your own domain name (which is free for the 1st year). In the Advanced plans you are also able to build multilingual sites, add ecommerce and send out mass emails.


Are you looking for the alternative of WooCommerce? Then, Shopify is easy to use and store builder in our experience. Shopify offers neat and responsive designs which make your store good looking on any device.

Shopify have plenty of features. You can create product variants, manage taxes & shipping effectively.


BigCommerce is also a good option to build online stores. Especially if you want to build multi-currency ecommerce projects or you need all the SEO features.

Also BigCommerce won’t charge you any transaction fee for each sale that you process. However, they have a yearly sales threshold which will force you to upgrade your plan if it exceed.

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