What cause an Entrepreneurial failure

Starts an enterprise. Many people starts. Some of them gets succeed. And some gets fail… That will sad, but have you know about the causes of entrepreneurial failure? Why you get fail? Here are some factors that are responsible for the failure of an enterprise: Management Factors: There are some management factors, which may cause … Read more What cause an Entrepreneurial failure

Intrapreneur vs Entrepreneurs

In previous section, we talk all about the entrepreneurs, but know there is a new word intrapreneur. First, we get to know whom are called intrapreneurs. The entrepreneurs whom are emerged from within the organisation are called Intrapreneurs’. Actually, Intrapreneurs are the top executives whom are encouraged by other executives or organisation to catch and … Read more Intrapreneur vs Entrepreneurs

Different types of Entrepreneurs

Clarence Danhof, on the basis of his study, based on this, he classified entrepreneurs into four types: Innovative entrepreneurs: An innovative entrepreneur is one who introduces new method of production, discovers new goods, penetrates into new markets. Hence such entrepreneurs come up with something new and avoid the already beaten track. Imitative entrepreneurs: These entrepreneurs … Read more Different types of Entrepreneurs

16 Traits of an Entrepreneur You Should Know

In this world of huge population, many people believe that entrepreneurs are born and cannot be made, while on the other side, many people believe that entrepreneurs are made nor born. So, what you think? In order to resolve this controversy, many research studies have been done by different agencies and researchers, including Entrepreneurship Development … Read more 16 Traits of an Entrepreneur You Should Know

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