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I have get many messages asking how to prevent opening of Jframes multiple times in Java? Hmm.. it’s a pretty good question. I see most of the programmers, students or programming aspirants face the same problem.
So the main motive of writing this post is to provide the answer of this question to all.
I have 2 ways to solve this solution.

  1. For Beginners.
  2. Having Good knowledge of programming.

For Beginners

Thus solution is for beginners, as they don’t have much programming skills and knowledge. They can use this solution for that time and further after getting the programming skills on their tips they can use second solution.
The solution is using a Boolean variable and use it to preventing the Jframe to open.
Step 1- Declare a Boolean type of variables and initialise it false.
boolean Frameopened = false;
Step 2- double click on the button where you want to code or open the action performed.
Step 3- write these line of code
new Jframenext.setvisible(true);
Joptionpane.showmessagedialog(this,”frame is already opened”);
catch(Exception ex)
Step 4- Run and test the code.

Experienced Programmers

Experienced Programmers or the programmers having good knowledge of programming can use this solution. You can use the Jdialog Frame instead of Jframes.
Jdialog Frames are like joptionpanes or u can also called the similar to Frame modality.
Step 1. Right click on project > New > Jdialog form or if u can’t see this click other and under Java folder you can see the Jdialog form.
Step 2. Configure it’s details and finish.
Step 3. Create GUI as you create in Jframes
Step 4. Link it to the button and run the project.
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