MCQ of Basics of Java [Solved PDF] – 1

Java programs are
A) Faster than others
B) Platform independent
C) Not reusable
D) Not scalable

Java has its origin in

A) C programming language
D) Oak programming language

Which one of the following is true for Java

A) Java is object oriented and interpreted
B) Java is efficient and faster than C
C) Java is the choice of everyone.
D) Java is not robust.

The command javac is used to

A) debug a java program
B) compile a java program
C) interpret a java program
D) execute a java program

Java servlets are an efficient and powerful solution for creating ………….. for the web.

A) Dynamic content
B) Static content
C) Hardware
D) Both a and b

Filters were officially introduced in the Servlet ……………… specification.

A) 2.1
B) 2.3
C) 2.2
D) 2.4

Which is the root class of all AWT events

A) java.awt.ActionEvent
B) java.awt.AWTEvent
C) java.awt.event.AWTEvent
D) java.awt.event.Event

OOP features are

i) Increasing productivity                              ii) Reusability
iii) Decreasing maintenance cost               iv) High vulnerability
A) 1,2 & 4
B) 1,2 & 3
C) 1, 2 & 4
D) none of the above

break statement is used to

i) get out of method                                       ii) end aprogram
iii) get out of a loop                                         iv) get out of the system
A) 1 & 2
B) 1,2 & 3
C) 1 & 3
D) 3

Native – protocol pure Java converts ……….. into the ………… used by DBMSs directly.

A) JDBC calls, network protocol
B) ODBC class, network protocol
C) ODBC class, user call
D) JDBC calls, user call


1. B) Platform independent
2. D) Oak programming language
3. A) Java is object …… interpreted
4. B) compile a java program
5. A) Dynamic content
6. B) 2.3
7. B) java.awt.AWTEvent
8. B) 1,2 & 3
9. D) 3
10. A) JDBC calls, ……protocol

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