SEO Tools Interview Question/Answers

The hiring is Going ON and you’ve been called for the job. You are preparing for a new SEO Executive/ Digital Marketing or related job and looking for interview questions and answers on SEO Tools online, you’ve come to the right place. Our goal was to cover interview question you are likely to be asked.

Q1. What are most popular website analysis tool?

There are a number of website analysis tools available on Internet and used by prominent digital marketers. Some of the most popular tools used right now are Google Webmaster and Ahrefs.

Q2. Name any 2 famous tools for checking backlinks?

Two famous tools for checking backlinks are Ahrefs and SEMrush.

Q3. Name some tools for checking plagiarism?

Some tools used to check plagiarism are Copyleaks, Duplichecker, and PaperRater.

Q4. What is Google Analytics? How does it assist webmaster?

Google Analytics is an analysis tool offered by Google for freely, which monitors traffic, average time spent on website, bounce rate and other data regarding demographics of website visitors are also provided.

Google Webmaster give insights about a website’s relationship with search engine crawlers. Webmaster point outs which parts of your website is not being reachable to search engine crawlers. Analytics can help Webmaster by indicating certain insights on the performance of a website and ways to make improvements.

Q5. How Moz Page Authority tool is useful for Webmaster?

Moz Page Authority is a scoring system for webpages ranging 0-100, which ranks the ability of webpages to rank higher on search results. This can be an effective tool for Webmaster as it can give pointers to websites on how to improve page authority and gain visibility on search engines.

Q6. What is Moz Domain Authority?

Moz Domain authority is a scoring system for websites ranging 0-100, which predicts a website’s rank on search results.

Q7. What is Google search console?

Google Search Console is a tool offered for website owners to check the indexing status of webpages of their website, which helps them further improving the visibility on search engines.

Q8. What do you mean by Google trends?

Google Trends gives insights about the popularity of a given search term over a period of time. Using Google Trends, one can see which topics are trending in a given region at a certain point of time.

Q9. Name any 2 tools to check grammar of your content?

Two tools for checking grammar of content are Grammarly and ProWritingAid.

Q10. Name some tools to check plagiarism in your content?

Tools to check duplicate content or plagiarism are Plagiarism Checker, Copyleaks, and Paper Rater.


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