Search Engine Algorithms Interview Question/Answers

The hiring is Going ON and you’ve been called for the job. You are preparing for a new SEO Executive/ Digital Marketing or related job and looking for Search Engine Algorithm interview questions and answers online, you’ve come to the right place. Our goal was to cover interview question you are likely to be asked.

Q1. What do you mean by Google algorithm?

In computer, algorithm is a set of commands to perform any particular task. In similar way, Google algorithm is an algorithm which is used to evaluate the quality of content on websites and websites themselves across the internet. And rank them according to the quality of content on search result pages for the query asked by the user.

Q2. Why do Search Engines uses Algorithms?

Search engines uses algorithms to ensure the quality of content on a website are consider before ranking it on search result pages. Without search engine algorithms, deciding the quality of content would be a critical task.

Q3. What is Google Panda Algorithm?

Google Panda Algorithm was released in 2011 to ensure the smooth user experience on Google by reducing the presence of low quality content websites on search result pages and promoting good content.

Q4. What is Google Penguin Algorithm?

Google Penguin Algorithm was introduced in 2012 to solve usual problems of keyword stuffing and poor quality backlinks, and to again make sure the websites with high quality content ranks higher organically.

Q5. What is Google EMD Algorithm?

The Google EMD algorithm was introduced in September 2012 to solve and remove the problems of exact-match. At that time, websites were ranking high on search results simply by buying domains with the same name of high volume keywords.

Q6. What is Google Humming Bird Algorithm?

Google Humming Bird Algorithm was introduced in 2013 to update their search algorithm following the release of Panda and Penguin. Main aim to this algorithm is to understand the behavior of searchers to make the search engine more natural. This made Google more aware about the intent a user might have while searching a term.

Q7. What is Google Caffeine Algorithm?

Google Caffeine Algorithm was introduced in 2009 when the initial Google indexing system was introduced. It was designed for the simple purpose of crawling and indexing data more effectively and efficiently. With the Caffeine algorithm, Google collects recently updated content more quickly and index it in its database.


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